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By R. & T. Cossignani Ardovini

Fresh publication at the shells present in West Africa together with the Azores, Madiera and Canary Islands. First booklet to hide this a part of the area in lots of years. publication is A4 measurement, textual content is English and Italian. e-book is definitely illustrated with complete colour plates all through. adaptations of styles are proven for plenty of species. this can be a significant reference paintings and it merits a spot in any shell collector's library. There are a great deal of shells the following which are tricky to discover in the other publication that I hold.

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B. I, assimilisReeve,1846 dorbignyi (Payraudeau,1826) lautus (Reeve,1846) variegatusGray, 1839 vermeuleniKnudsen,1980 viverratus (Kiener, 1834) 1~~4 GenusChauvetia Monterosato,1884 Chauvetiaaffinis Monterosato,1889 Chauvetiabrunnea(Donovan, 1804) Ardovini & Cossignani 31 WEST AFRICAN SEASHELLS Chauvetiacandidissima(Philippi, 1836) Chauvetiacrassior (Odhner,1930) Chauvetiadecorata Monterosato,1889 ChauvetiaelongataNordsieck& Talavera,1979 Chauvetialamyi (Knudsen,1956) Chauvetialefebvrei(Maravigna, 1840) Chauvetiaminima (Montagu, 1803) Chauvetiaobliqua Nordsieck & Talavera,1979 Chauvetiapellisphocae(Reeve,1845) Chauvetiarecondita(Brugnone,1873) Chauvetiasoni (Bruguière, 1789) ChauvetiatenuisculptaDautzenberg,1913 Chauvetiaturritella (Deshayes,1832) Chauvetiavulpecula(Moterosato,1874) GenusColubraria Schumacher,1817 Colubraria canariensisNordsieck & Talavera,1979 Colubraria reticulata (Blainville.

Sowerby II, 1846) Vo/varina exi/is (Gmelin, 1791) Vo/varinafugax Gofas & Fernandes, 1992 Vo/varina graci/is (C. B. Adams, 1851) Vo/varina insu/ana Gofas & Fernandes, 1988 Vo/varina mediocincta (Smith, 1875) Vo/varina mitrella (Risso, 1826) Vo/varina nuriae Moreno & Burnay, 1999 Vo/varina oceanica Gofas, 1989 Vo/varina peregrina Gofas & Fernandes, 1992 Vo/varina rubella navicella Reeve, 1864 Vo/varina taeniata (G. B. 1970 GenusNeocancilla Cemohorsky,1966 Veocancillahebes(Reeve,1845) GenusZiba H.

1878 Typh/omange/ianiva/is (Lovèn, 1846) GenusPseudotorinia Sacco,1892 Pseudotoriniaarchitae (Costa, 1841) GenusHeliacus d'Orbigny, 1842 He/iacusbisu/catus(d'Orbigny, 1853) He/iacusma/ani (Dautzenberg,1910) He/iacusperrieri (de Rochebrune,1881) He/iacussubvariegatus(d'Orbigny, 1842) He/iacusverdensisBieler. , 1885 Pseudomalaxis zanclea(Philippi, 1844) Pseudomalaxis lamellifera (Rehder,1934) Genus Spirolaxis Monterosato, 1913 Spirolaxis centrifugus (Monterosato, 1890) Spirolaxis clenchi Jaume & Borro, 1946 Familia MATHILDIDAE Dall, 1889 GenusMathilda Semper,1865 Mathildacanariensis(Dautzenberg,1898) MathildagemmulataSemper,1865 Mathildaquadricarinata (Brocchi, 1814) Familia PYRAMIDELLIDAE Gray, 1840 GenusPyramideUa Lamarck, 1799 Pyramidelladolabrata (Linnaeus,1758) Pyramidellaschanderi(van Aartsen,Gittenberger& Goud, 1998) Genus Tiberia Monterosato, 1875 1iberiaapicifusca van Aartsen, Gittenberger & Goud, 1998 1iberia mica/i (Peftas & Rolan, 1997) 1iberia minuscu/a (Monterosato, 1880) 1iberia minuscu/oides van Aartsen, Gittenberger & Goud, 1998 Genus Odostomia Fleming, 1813 Odostomiaacuta Jeffreys, 1848 Odostomiaa/ia Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomiaa/iquanta Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomiaangusta Jeffreys, 1867 Odostomiabernardi van Aartsen, Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomiaboennanivan Aartsen,Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomia brandhorstivan Aartsen,Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomiabuzzurroi Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomiacapensis Thiele, 1925 Odostomiacarrozza i van Aartsen, 1987 Odostomiac/avu/ina Fischer Po,1877 Odostomiac/avu/us (Loven, 1846) Odostomiacitrina de Folin, 1869 Odostomia dalsumivan Aartsen,Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomiadek/eini van Aartsen, Gittenberger & Goud, 1998 Odostomiadesuefacta Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomiadigitu/us Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomiadijkhuizeni van Aartsen, Gittenberger & Goud, 1998 Odostomiaduureni van Aartsen, Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomiaeremita Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomiaerjaveciana Brusina, 1869 Odostomiaetienni Dautzenberg, 1913 Odostomiaeu/imoides Hanley, 1844 Odostomiaextenuata Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia febrae van Aartsen, Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomiafrancoi Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomiafranki Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomiajùnicu/ustriata Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia gradusuturae Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia hierroensis Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomiakuiperi van Aartsen, Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomia italoi Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia jacquesi Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia lesuroiti Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia lukisii Jeffreys, 1859 Odostomia mamoi (Mifsud, 1993) Odostomia marthinae (Nofroni & Schander, 1994) Odostomiameijeri van Aartsen, Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomia mergelei (Locard, 1886) Odostomia mesomorpha Schander, 1994 Odostomia microeques Rolan & Templado, 1999 Odostomia micrometrica Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia nardoi Brusina, 1869 Odostomia nitens Jeffreys, 1870 Odostomia odostomella Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia omphaloessa Watson, 1897 Odostomia paardekooperi Aartsen, Gittenberger & Goud, 1998 Odostomia pagodiformis Schander, 1994 Odostomia parodontosis Schander, 1994 Odostomia paulhenrii Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia pithus Tomlin & Shackleford, 1915 Odostomia plicata (Montagu, 1803) Odostomiaprinsi van Aartsen, Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomia prona Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia pyxidata Schander, 1994 Odostomiaromburghi van Aartsen,Gittenberger&Goud, 1998 Odostomia restii Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia rutor Nofroni & Schander, 1994 Odostomia scalaris Mac Gillivray, 1843 Odostomiaschrami van Aartsen,Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 Odostomia striolata Forbes & Hanley, 1853 Odostomia suboblonga Jeffreys, 1884 Odostomia suprasulcata Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia testiculus Peftas & Rolan, 1999 Odostomia trunculata Jeffreys, 1850 Odostomia turrita Hanley, 1844 Odostomia umbilicatissima Peftas & Rolan, 1999 :Jdostomia unidentata (Montagu, 1803) :Jdostomiavanurki van Aartsen, Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 :Jdostomia verduini van Aartsen, 1987 :Jdostomiaverhovenivan Aartsen,Gittenberger& Goud, 1998 :Jdostomia waréni (Schander, 1994) :Jdostomia zannii Peftas & Rolan.

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