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By Paul Witcover

Jack and Jilly Doone are twelve-year-old twins certain by way of blood and forbidden secrets and techniques. operating wild via never-ending August afternoons, they discover the tributaries of Chesapeake Bay, spinning fantasies and sneaking cigarettes. but if a near-drowning awakens a wierd strength in Jack, the road among myth and fact blurs. . . . Kestrel is an airie, certainly one of 5 mutant races born within the clash referred to as the Viral Wars. With one better half from all of the different races—a delph, a merm, a mander, and a boggle—he units out to conflict human enemies sworn to exterminate mutantkind. Now the destinies of 2 worlds circulation towards a surprising convergence . . . and a climax of violent transfiguration.

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TUMBLING AFTER 45 “Gad and Pip ran into them at the gate and invited them back to join the party, figuring you were bound to turn up sooner or later. ” Smiling, Pigeon gestures toward the common room. ” “He did tell me to come back here,” muses Kestrel, feeling less like he’s awakened from a bad dream than slipped into a good one. “My point exactly. Cryptic to the point of incomprehensibility. ” But Kestrel is already halfway across the lobby. As he bursts into the common room, Pip’s voice cuts through the din: “The prodigal returns!

It’s the same lethargic attitude he adopts on Inside the Beltway, lulling talkative guests and fellow panelists alike into a false sense of security before skewering them with a pointed observation or ironic aside delivered with the impeccable timing and crocodilian malice of W. C. Fields. Jilly has dragged the recliner’s footstool over to the couch, where she perches birdlike at her brother’s side. A portable radio with brand-new batteries, a couple of flashlights, ditto, a box of kitchen matches, and an assortment of candles—some standing partially consumed in candleholders amid colorful drips and dribbles of melted wax like fairy-tale castles, others still undiminished by any flame, fresh as candy canes in plastic wrappers— have been assembled on the table in case power is lost.

It won’t do any good to go to the Council,” Chalcedon says. ” “They won’t reassign you. ” “Then I’ll go over their heads, appeal directly to the Odds. ” Every free mute has the right to appeal a decision of the Council by a roll of two twenty-sided dice. The Holy Rollers set the hazard and witness the appeal. A successful roll reverses the Council. But the price of failure can be steep, ranging anywhere from a period of indentured servitude to permanent exile. “Face it, Kestrel,” Chalcedon says, releasing him at last.

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