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Thrombopoielin (TPO) is the most important regulator of platelet construction and is produced constilulively through the hepatocyte. it really is secreted into the movement the place it's in most cases certain and got rid of through thrombopoielin receptors (c-mpl) on platelets and megakaryocytes. the rest thrombopoielin within the stream regulates the expansion of bone marrow megakaryocytes and the creation of platelets. With a decline in platelet construction the circulating focus of thrombopoietin rises. The human thrombopoielin glycoprotein comprises an erythropoietin-like area (residues 1-153) that's 50% just like erythropoietin and a carbohydrate-rich area (residues 154-332) that's hugely glycosylated and looks to be beneficial for secretion and balance of the mature protein.

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