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By Kevin Dolgin

A funny and interesting choice of go back and forth essays made from previous favorites in addition to new commentaries, this paintings celebrates the detailed traits of locales across the world. each one globetrotting essay makes a speciality of a selected position, taking pictures the flavors and cultures via person observations and remarkable studies. humorous, irreverent, and insightful, those writings eschew the tasteless, touristy veneer skilled by way of such a lot tourists as it seeks to find what's designated and particular approximately each one vacation spot. protecting quite a lot of areas and pursuits, from strange stories and funny traveler's foibles to voyages which are intensely own and relocating, the chosen columns contain "The most sensible Falafel within the World—Beirut," "The Door to Hell: Paris, France," "Kafka’s Erotic Dream: Prague," "The Nesting conduct of Roman Cars," "Of Romans and felines: Provence," and "The 3rd Tower Up from the line: Huanghuacheng, China."

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I assume the cat lives there, and since no people do anymore, it’s probably the closest thing to a king the castle has. A woman came down one of the confusing staircases and stood there looking appropriately bewildered. I suppose she hadn’t been expecting to find The Labyrinth of the Steel Posts, and she tried retreating up another staircase, but that one went nowhere. The cat and I both watched her until she found the right way out. I followed her, saying goodbye to King Cat, and made my way across the courtyard to the castle tower, where one can enjoy a quaint 3-D audiovisual thing that shows the history of Ljubljana via a presentation that kind of looks like a video game.

The thing flapped and ran along the water in that ridiculous way swans have of trying to take off, until it got a little air, then it flew in a wide, low circle, stuck out its legs, webbed toes splayed, and went SWISH . . . on its feet along the water’s surface for a good 10 meters, wings spread and neck craned. It looked like great fun, exactly the kind of thing I would do if I were a swan. I expected it to stop and say, “Dude, that was righteous,” but it didn’t. It just folded up its kit and bobbed around with a mischievous glint in its beady black eye.

I’m doing this because the last time I tried to write something in Swedish in a column (about Ingrid the intelligent rat), I was informed via email that I had not gotten it right at all, so I’m not even going to attempt it anymore. Enough of the preliminaries, let’s get to the useful phrases. ” This was my first nonsensical category III phrase. I used to hang around with a Swede, who decided to teach me some of the language, which was a thoroughly frustrating exercise for us both. ” I therefore learned this and we tested it out on a couple of friends of his who came from Gothenburg to visit.

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