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By Louis P. De Gouy

Thick and skinny soups, cold and warm soups, soups requiring hours to arrange or simply minutes—here are soups for each urge for food and social gathering. approximately 800 recipes characteristic cream soups, bisques, chowders, and consommés, together with lentil, tomato, black bean, oxtail, turtle, onion, beet, and ratings of alternative soups, plus garnishes.

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Used also in pickles, chipped beef, in onion soup and scalloped onions. It is one of the chief ingredients of the bouquet garni used in soups, which see in No. 18. Yerba Buena. A wild mint of great strength, which must be used with care. Add a miserly pinch to split pea soup, to butter for basting the boiled potato, to squash puree, to fruit salad, or to “make” an afternoon tea. Chapter Two HOT CONSOMMES BOUILLONS AND BROTHS Louis XIV of France is responsible for the invention of consommé. This popular concoction had its beginning when Louis XIV ordered his chef to create a perfectly clear soup in which he might see his royal countenance.

The prosperous restaurant proprietors agree, by and large, that they set up small shop in the beginning to satisfy the demands of their own countrymen in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or Boston. Now they depend on the products of American intermarriage for their trade. On this culinary score, though we have adopted many another land’s soup, we have contributed many a famous broth ourselves. There is our glorious clam chowder; there is the famous Philadelphia pepper pot, Creole gumbo, a multitude of fish chowders and fish broths made of oysters, clams, lobsters, and other sea foods, and vegetables.

Heavy Soup. This is the hearty soup, and its general characteristic is that of being a whole meal in itself. Another group comprises the cold, chilled, or jellied soups, usually called summer soups, of which more further on and in their own chapter. Then we have the soup stocks of which there are five variants: brown stock, fish stock, gravy stock, vegetable stock, and white stock, which all need to be clarified before using for either soup base or sauce base. Any kind of stock should be well seasoned and well flavored by means of spices, condiments, or herbs.

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