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By Gia Giasullo

A set of 70 recipes celebrating the historical past and tales of the vintage American soda fountain from one of many most-celebrated revival soda fountains within the state, Brooklyn Farmacy.
A century in the past, soda fountains on virtually each major highway in the United States served because the center of the neighborhood, the place parents shared sundaes, sodas, ice cream floats, and the inside track of the day. A quintessentially American establishment, the soda fountain nonetheless speaks of a bygone period of innocence and straightforwardness. while Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain opened its doorways in 2010, it introduced a revival of this nice American unique, shooting the hearts of a brand new generation.
Featuring plentiful full-color images and classic illustrations and ads, The Soda Fountain explores a wealthy history—from the origins of seltzer within the 19th century, in the course of the transformation of soda in the course of Prohibition and the melancholy years, correct as much as today’s fountain renaissance. Featured recipes variety from classics just like the crimson Cow and Cherry Lime Rickey to modern concepts that experience made Brooklyn Farmacy well-known, just like the Sundae of damaged goals (topped with caramel sauce and damaged pretzel bits) and Makin’ Whoopie! Sundae (with scorching fudge and mini chocolate whoopie cakes).
Recreating loved treats like egg lotions and milkshakes with neighborhood, seasonal, and artisanal constituents, Gia Giasullo and Peter Freeman, the sibling cofounders of Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, train you ways to resurrect the proud American soda fountain culture at your personal kitchen counter. With its interesting anecdotes, mouth-watering images and easy-to-follow steps,this nostalgic cookbook proves that the soda fountain is a culinary and cultural establishment that maintains to please.

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