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By Jean-Roger Desmurs and Serge Ratton (Eds.)

The improvement of natural intermediates calls for excessive functionality and unique applied sciences. This e-book reports fresh paintings on a few fifteen simple applied sciences in intermediates improvement together with; hydrogenation, fluorination, chlorination, nitration, enzymatic catalysis, hydroxylation, alkylation, carboxylation and the Friedel Crafts response. difficulties and business constraints keen on business improvement are highlighted from a examine standpoint and new applied sciences with strength to be used in undefined, quite catalyst-based applied sciences fresh chemical procedures, are defined. A bankruptcy facing reports on sodium amidure and polymerisation inhibitors is incorporated.

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In addition, to this disposal as a considerable environmental problem, the corrosion problem, due to the hydrochloric acid, must be solved. Therefore, a process that could be both environmemally friendly and also inexpensive, with respect to the disadvantages indicated, is clearly desirable. This article presents an alternative to the classical Friedel-Crafts catalysis using heterogeneous catalysts such as zeolites as we believe them to be ultimate catalysts for the future production of aromatic ketones.

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