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By Julian Jackson

The negative functionality of the French economic climate within the Nineteen Thirties has lengthy been recognized as an incredible contributory consider the decline of the 3rd Republic, which collapsed after the defeat of 1940. even if France entered the good melancholy later than the remainder of the area, French governments didn't examine from the adventure of different nations in scuffling with it. This ebook is the 1st complete learn of the formation of monetary coverage in those an important years, and of the political debate to which it gave upward thrust. It examines the origins of the proposal of making plans and the 'planomania', which gripped France in 1934; and it exhibits why this resolution was once eventually rejected. It additionally analyses intimately the arguments of professional- and anti-devaluers. the belief means that stagnation was once to some degree selected as a wakeful coverage, when you consider that a minimum of until eventually 1936 the melancholy by no means appeared critical adequate to threaten the social order.

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5m F. of Treasury Bills were issued, it was the first time that this had happened since 1926 - an unpropitious, and also misleading, precedent. First reactions to the slump: parliamentary views and government action The impression is often given that French opinion, mesmerized by the accumulation of gold at the Bank of France, ignored the worsening economic situation — believing France to be largely immune — and viewed the troubles of the rest of the world with ill-disguised schadenfreude. It is possible to find numerous instances of such attitudes, for example in Cheron's indignant reply to critics who talked of a danger of monetary inflation: 'one would think we were in a bad situation.

Far from calling into question the benefits of the market economy, the Depression only demonstrated the necessity for it to exist unfettered by any controls: 'liberalism is confirmed by the opposite experience of the last few years' declared Le Temps: 'if the economy is in chaos, it is because freedom has been reversed and excessive state intervention . . has thrown everything off course'. 2 The moral was clear. But what were the alternatives? What were the programmes of the left? O. was probably marginally superior to that of other political groups, but Blum was nevertheless very conscious of its shortcomings.

49 The money market largely meant the banks, and especially the three largest deposit banks: the Credit Lyonnais, the Societe Generate and the Comptoir d'Escompte. 50 The Bank, on the other 22 Part 1: The background hand, was reluctant to rediscount government paper: the procedure seemed too close to the infamous advances to the Treasury of the 1920s. Although the government appointed its governor and two vice-governors, the Bank, controlled by 15 regents theoretically elected by the 200 largest shareholders, hung on to its independence tenaciously.

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