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By Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Legal Canons

Every self-discipline has its canon: the set of ordinary texts, techniques, examples, and tales in which it really is famous and which its individuals time and again invoke and hire. even though the final twenty-five years have obvious the impression of interdisciplinary techniques to felony reviews extend, there was little fresh attention of what's and what needs to be canonical within the learn of legislations today.

Legal Canons brings jointly fifteen essays which search to map out the criminal canon and how within which legislation is taught this day. with a view to know how the dual principles of canons and canonicity function in legislations, each one essay makes a speciality of a selected point, from contracts and constitutional legislation to questions of race and gender. The ascendance of legislation and economics, feminism, severe race thought, and homosexual felony reports, in addition to the expanding impact of either rational-actor technique and postmodernism, are all scrutinized via the top students within the field.

A well timed and finished quantity, felony Canons articulates the necessity for, and capability to, commencing the controversy on canonicity in felony studies.

Baltic Yearbook of International Law, Volume 6 (2006)

The Baltic Yearbook of overseas legislations is an annual e-book containing contributions on topical concerns in foreign legislation and comparable fields which are correct to Baltic affairs and past. as well as articles on varied features of foreign legislations, each one Yearbook makes a speciality of a topic with specific significance to the advance of foreign legislations.

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Sir Henry Maine has made it fashionable to connect the archaic notion of property with prescription. But the connection is further back than the first recorded history. It is in the nature of man's mind. A thing which you have enjoyed and used as your own for a long time, whether property or an opinion, takes root in your being and cannot be torn away without your resenting the act and trying to defend yourself, however you came by it. The law can ask no better justification than the deepest instincts of man.

The advice of the elders to young men is very apt to be as unreal as a list of the hundred best books. At least in my day I had my share of such counsels, and high among the unrealities I place the recommendation to study the Roman law. I assume that such advice means more than collecting a few Latin maxims with which to ornament the discourse—the purpose for which Lord Coke recommended Bracton. If that is all that is wanted, the title De Regulis Juris Antiqui can be read in an hour. I 35 assume that, if it is well to study the Roman Law, it is well to study it as a working system.

The lack is not confined to valets. The object of ambition, power, generally presents itself nowadays in the form of money alone. Money is the most immediate form, and is a proper object of desire. " That is a good text to waken people out of a fool's paradise. " To an imagination of any scope the most far-reaching form of power is not money, it is the command of ideas. If you want great examples, read Mr. Leslie Stephen's History of English Thought in the Eighteenth Century, and see how a hundred years after his death the abstract speculations of Descartes had become a practical force controlling the conduct of men.

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