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By E. Milliot, N. Tournois

International financial system globalization is pushed by way of a number of interactive forces. Theygive upward push to a couple of paradoxes that effect the practical and developmental features of agencies. This booklet deals for the 1st time an in-depth research of the logical contradictions that flow from monetary integration at the supranational point.

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Two times within the final century the customarily stalwart financial system of usa has crumbled—first in 1929, whilst the inventory industry crash that resulted in the good melancholy hit, and back with the monetary industry meltdown of 2008-2009 that remains crippling a lot of the USA. whereas it really is nonetheless too quickly to kingdom unequivocally how this most up-to-date monetary catastrophe took place, it truly is attainable to theorize that a lot of what has occurred might have been foreseen or even avoided—just because it might have been in 1929.

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For the economic areas, endowment of both tangible elements (space, natural resources, quality and cost of labour) and intangible ones (political stability, market maturity, and the willingness and ability of the economic actors to open up) is crucial in order to encourage the development of specific activities initiated by foreign investors. e. mature/industrialised in one instance, emerging/fast growing in others. The literature understood in the broadest sense, from international economy to international management, illustrates a diversity of approaches which already permits the identification of a series of paradoxes.

It is often used to ensure a positive transfer of image and/or competence between the signatories to the agreement. In this particular context, the partners are so complementary that, in principle, they retain great freedom of action. This freedom is nevertheless reduced in combined operations to be run collectively. The premature end of the cooperation may be brought about in the event of a profound disagreement. This is exactly what happened between Mercedes and Swatch when they designed and built the Smart car.

The crossing of these axes allows five types of inter-company cooperation especially adapted to international operations. 11 In concrete terms, it is about alliances that have been signed between direct and indirect competitors. The factory common to the Toyota and PSA Peugeot Citroen groups illustrates this type of agreement. This production unit, which was established in the Czech Republic and opened in 2005, aims at confronting growing competitive pressures in the small urban car segment. The two partners are well known for their long tradition of independence which makes their sharing of the industrial plant even more surprising.

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