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By John Pimlott

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It was to prove useful in 1967. Nationalism and 5. Revolution. 1956-67 Although Egyptian forces were severely mauled in the Suez Campaign of 1956, Nasser emerged triumphant. The AngloFrench intervention on the side of Israel had transformed Nasser's personal position from one of being yet another military ruler into a national leader although at times this was to him. for he was held that he frequently his own in work against such high esteem became a prisoner reputation. Suez had shown of that were no longer impotent and that even the mighty British could be humbled and humiliated.

Fearing a British invasion of the Nile Delta, Nasser had thinned out his forces in Sinai and redeployed them around Alexandria as AXES OF ADVANCE/ 37 August 1956. Thus when early as Israelis the attacked, Egypt's striking force of was located west of the was only one bridge capable of taking such heavy traffic across armoured units Canal and, Canal the as there (at Firdan, to Sharm el Sheikh. The (down the Gulf of Aqaba to Sharm el Sheikh) was the task of the 9th Intantry Brigade. The deception plan was the western axis to motionless, unobtrusive' for 48 hours at eastern axis Nahal Ruth in dead ground behind Al Auja.

Arab fedayeen ('freedom fighters') hit-and-run attacks, but an all-out Arab assault did not materialise. This was undoubtedly due in part to the deterrent value of the IDF, but there was more to it than that. The defeats of 1948-49 seriously undermined the stability of the Arab world, destroying all hopes of unity or coordination. In Jordan, King Abdullah was assassinated by a Palestinian Arab at the Aqsa Mosque in July 195 1; after a brief interlude under his deranged son Talal, his grandson Hussein ascended the throne in 1953.

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