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By Versteegh, C.H.M. (ed.), Eid, M. (ed.), Elgibali, A. (ed.), Woidich, Zaborski, Kees Versteegh, Mushira Eid, Alaa Elgibali, Manfred Woidich, Andrzej Zaborski

"The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics" represents a different collaboration of over 1000's of students from world wide, the "Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics" covers all appropriate points of the learn of Arabic and bargains with all degrees of the language (pre-Classical Arabic, Classical Arabic, glossy normal Arabic, Arabic vernaculars, combined forms of Arabic). No different reference paintings deals this scale of contributions or intensity and breadth of assurance. "The Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics" is decided to turn into a necessary reference paintings for college kids and researchers within the fields of linguistics, Islamic stories, Arabic literature and different comparable fields.

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Xar-ùna, ±awàxiru, pl. fem. ±uxrayàt-un, ±uxar-u. iv. adjectives formed by ≈ù, fem. ≈àt-u, pl. masc. ≈aw-ù or ±ul-ù, pl. fem. ≈awàt-u, ±ulàtu ‘the one with . , endowed with . o. e. e. ‘the notable study’. 2 Patterns which do not agree with the reference noun fa ≠àl-un like sawà ±-un ‘equal’, jabàn-un ‘cowardly’, ßa™à™-un ‘sound’; fi ≠àl-un like mirà™-un ‘lively’, liyà™-un ‘bright’; fu ≠àl-un like kuràm-un ‘noble’, hu≈àm-un ‘keen’. Most of the adjectives of these patterns are found only in old Arabic poetry, and no longer in Modern Standard Arabic.

Odisho, Edward Y. 1987. “Comments on Arabic mufaxxama and pharyngeal sounds”. 1–11. ). 1991. Phonetics and phonology. II. The special status of coronals: Internal and external evidence, 125–157. San Diego: Academic Press. Rubach, J. 1994. “Affricates as strident stops in Polish”. 119–144. Sagey, Elizabeth. 1986. The representation of features and relations in nonlinear phonology. D. , Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Shaw, Patricia. 1991. “Consonant harmony systems: The special status of coronal harmony”.

2002. Ahlan wa Sahlan: Eine Einführung in die Kairoer Umgangssprache. Wiesbaden: L. Reichert. E. Watson (University of Salford) (c) 2011 Koninklijke Brill NV. All Rights Reserved. 26 affrication Affixation → Derivation; Inflection Affrication 1. Introduction Affrication is a process creating what are commonly called affricated stops or affricates. o. 1952; Sagey 1986; Rubach 1994; Clements 1999). g. g. Athabaskan) where they are not bound to specific contexts. 2. Acoustic correlates of affrication The acoustic events constituting affricates are similar to events that are usually present even in non-affricated stops.

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