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By Jacob Biggle

“The purely simply and actual manner for an honorable and manly guy is to develop them, and enable every body concerning the position have all he can devour. For the berry comes from the backyard to the desk in tempting and presentable form, healthy to grace the desk of a king,” writes Jacob Biggle in The Biggle Berry Book, which was once first released in 1894. should you hate plunking down what appears like a king’s ransom whenever you purchase a quart of berries on the neighborhood farmer’s industry, and if you’ve acquired a bit land to spare, it would be time to develop your own.

Jacob Biggle indicates simply how effortless it really is to elevate your individual nutrient-rich berries. whereas the book’s emphasis is on extra universal fruit resembling strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, gooseberries, and grapes, there's additionally details from different berry growers residing in all elements of the US who raised much less universal types corresponding to dewberries, juneberries, loganberries, mulberries, and mayberries. Biggle’s trusty handbook comprises suggestion on, between different things:

How to maintain your berry patch pruned, wiped clean, cultivated, and in solid order
How to guard your crops from fungus and bug damage
The top how one can decide, pack, and marketplace your berries, if you’re prepared to half with them,

Enhanced with colour plates, appealing engravings, and classic pictures, The Biggle Berry Book is a treasure for a person who appreciates the style and freshness of homegrown fruit.

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Have him drop or place the plants as fast as needed—and no faster. Openings for the plants can be made at proper distances along the row with an ordinary spade. Force it into the soil, upright, push it slightly from you, and the opening is made. Into this put the roots, spreading them out fan-shape. Be careful not to set too deep as in Fig. 1, or too shallow as in Fig. 2, and do not bunch the roots as in Fig. 3, but see that every one goes in like Fig. 4. Press the soil firmly around the roots and tread it down with the feet—this is important.

Beginners may need to be told that the staminate plants are those which have both stamens and pistils and which carry their own pollen; they are, therefore, called perfect flowering or bisexual. Blossoms of real pistillates contain no pollen, are imperfect flowering because lacking in stamens, and, therefore, require the aid of a staminate variety before they will produce fruit. A strong staminate blossom is shown in Fig. 1, a pistillate in Fig. 2, while a feeble staminate is indicated in Fig.

To ascertain how many plants are required for an acre, multiply the distance apart of the rows in feet by the distance apart of the plants in the rows, and divide the product into 43,560. Thus, if the rows are four feet apart and the plants two feet, it will take 5,445 to plant an acre. HILL SYSTEM (Just started) HILL SYSTEM (Six months’ growth) NARROW MATTED-ROW SYSTEM WIDE MATTED-ROWS (Not a good system) Special note: Some varieties produce more runners than others, and certain kinds have longer runners than others; therefore the exact distance apart to set plants in the row depends somewhat on the variety as well as upon the system.

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