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  • April 21, 2017
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By David Kay

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They have a plan for tyranny and a definite sense of urgency exists and events seem to reaching be speedily and desperately to reach a crescendo for a culminating event. The Government and the Military Industrial (Oil) and Intelligence Complex has already conspired and executed in dramatic fashion, murderous and treasonous plans that resulted in the deaths I described above. What else do they have planned, in what scale, and The Big Lie: 9/11 and Government Complicity 61 what time-frame, to maintain their stranglehold on the political process and American society?

Mark Twain, 1904 The Big Lie: 9/11 and Government Complicity 62 Are you going to let them conduct another attack and then declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, and institute a draft? You may not realize it, but a high tech police state is being erected all around you. The list of measures that can be characterized as a blending of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984: anti-privacy laws, technological terrors, and other human control measures that is growing daily, for example: Continual wars, Private corporate owned-operated prison systems by Wackenhut, security cameras erected every-where 167 , National ID and biometric systems 168 , a Brave New World scenario of forced psychological testing and drugging of Masked Secret Police SWAT children under the New Freedom Initiative, 169 mandatory national tattle-tale snitching laws, 170 secret warrant-less home searches, genetically modified foods, GPS-transponder automobile tracking and toll collection systems, roving wiretaps, secret library record turnovers to the FBI and Homeland Which one is the Terrorist?

Each collapse was associated with seismic vibrations 9/11 Seismic Evidence of Collapse detected on Richter scales suggestive of underground explosions. 148 • Each collapse produced underground areas of molten steel – up to 1400 degrees (much hotter than a smothered, oxygen-deprived hydrocarbon-based fire could produce), the temperature aluminum melts, commonly produced by explosives – resulting in intense hotspots (despite massive efforts at extinguishing the fires with water and hightech chemical methods 149 ) that remained for months, despite constant water and coolant NASA Thermal Image of WTC Ground Zero 9/16 application by clean-up teams.

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