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By Janet Bately

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The last pieoe of material from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle used in the Annals of St Neols is that for annal 912, which relates to the building by Edward the Elder of fortifications at Hertford and Witham, though the final entry (derived from Norman annals and telling of peace between Charles king of the Franks and Rollo of Normandy) is for 914. 270 In the rust of these two cases it has been argued that A's reading is the result of Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 37 11 2 _ rewording of material likely to be an embarrassment to Edward the Elder his successor.

BCD, may nonetheless be an economical explanation of the facts. 267 There are two possible starting points for an examination of the relationship between the Annals of St Neots and A, Band C. The first presupposes the existence of two branches for the continuations that were added to the 'first compilation', parallelling the two forms of the common stock - apparently the view of Stevenson and Meaney; the second depends on the assumption that different versions of the earliest extensions may have been added at different times and possibly in different plaoes to copies of a previously circulated 'first compilation'.

She finds it 'remarkable that none of the annals which the [Anglo-Saxon Chronicle] has from Rufinus-Eusebius... are present in lEthelweard' and she concludes, That these Rufinus annals were not in [lEthelweard'sj exemplar is ... '318 The Titus entry of 81 is correct because it was added after lEthelweard's exemplar had been made. However, although it may well seem to us today that 'if we judge from what he include s in his Chronicon, the ealdorman would sure ly have been interested in the three Magi, the Massacre of the Innocents, and the deaths of the two Herods, even if we can easily imagine his being unmoved by the di vision of Judea into tetrarchies or Pilate's rule over the Jews,'319 it would be highly dangerous to base a theory of textual transmission in the Middle Ages on an assumption of this sort alone.

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