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By Glenford J. Myers

The authoritative ebook on Intel's new 80960 microprocessor kinfolk, written by way of the 2 humans such a lot accountable for the 80960. presents and software program engineers with a lot details now not lined in Intel's manuals. Addresses the how and why of the 80906 structure, and the way you'll be able to use its beneficial properties to top virtue. bankruptcy 1 explains why the 80960 product line was once designed, summarizes the processor structure, and offers a brief journey in the course of the inner association of the 80960 MC. Chapters 2 to four talk about the center, numerics, and guarded structure degrees. bankruptcy five describes the exterior buses of the processors and the way they have interaction with the 82955 bus-exchange unit. bankruptcy 6 describes the interior association of the processors, and offers within details on how one can make most sensible use in their layout. bankruptcy 7 summarizes the instruments and method used to provide the 80960. the ultimate bankruptcy offers precise dialogue of the functionality of the processors, and the way to generate optimum courses for them

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