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By Erwin Bolthausen

The following notes grew out oflectures held through the DMV-Seminar on Random Media in November 1999 on the arithmetic study Institute of Oberwolfach, and in February-March 2000 on the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris. In either locations the ambience used to be very pleasant and stimulating. The optimistic reaction of the viewers was once encouragement adequate to put in writing up those notes. i'm hoping they're going to carryover the joy of the dwell lectures. I complete heartedly desire to thank Profs. Matthias Kreck and Jean-Franc;ois Le Gall who have been respon­ sible for those very relaxing visits, Laurent Miclo for his reviews on an past model of those notes, and final yet now not least Erwin Bolthausen who used to be my partner in the course of the DMV-Seminar. a short advent the most subject matter of this sequence of lectures are "Random motions in random me­ dia". the topic gathers a number of probabilistic types usually originated from actual sciences corresponding to sturdy kingdom physics, actual chemistry, oceanography, biophysics . . . , within which generally a few diffusion mechanism occurs in an inho­ mogeneous medium. Randomness looks at degrees. It is available in the outline of the movement of the particle diffusing within the medium, this can be a relatively conventional perspective for chance conception; however it additionally is available in the very description of the medium during which the diffusion takes place.

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33) -00 ~ 1, case neutral or biased to the right) d < lim u- d+2 logPoh > u] u ~ - d lim u-;m IOgPO[T1 u > u] < 0, (this is stated in [66] for f. = e1, a> 0, but holds also for f. with f.. v> 0). 11). 31) is played by (cf. 1 of [65]). S. 34) (here UL = {Ix' lif L- d logIP[Po,w[XTuL • e1 > 0] ~ Po] < 0, ell < L}). 3) In the non-nestling situation, when Ko C {f.. x> O}, we can see that T1 has an exponential tail (cf. 1 of [66]). 33) have several applications to the analysis of slowdowns of random walks in random environment.

D. l, with values in [0,1], and for a given realization ofthe environment, (Xn) is now a Markov chain with probability p(x, w) of jumping to the right neighbor x + I, and q( x, w) = 1 - p( x, w) of jumping to the left neighbor, given it is located in x at time n: q(x,w) p(x,w) ~~ • • • x-I x x+l This model is the "random walk in random environment". It goes back to Chernov [10] and Temkin [70], and was originally introduced in the context of biochemistry to mimick the replication of DNA chains.

The following degenerate example may help visualize what may be at stake. Consider the case d = 2, and the single site distribution is the half-sum of Dirac masses on the two vectors Pl,P2 defined for i = 1,2, via: Pi(ei) = 1, pi(e) = 0, for lei = 1, eI- ei, with (el, e2) the canonical basis of IR2 . This is of course a degenerate situation where the ellipticity assumption made at the beginning of Lecture 1 is violated. Once the environment w is chosen, the motion of the walk is deterministic; the quenched measure Po,w is concentrated on a single trajectory dictated by w.

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