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By Dario Bahbusi

The 3rd convention (SPT2001) was once attended through over 50 mathematicians, physicists and chemists. The complaints current the development of analysis during this box - extra accurately, within the varied fields at whose crossroads symmetry and perturbation thought take a seat.

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Apart from the class of Hamiltonian systems, it is possible to extract interesting consequences from Theorem 1 if we apply it onto the family of Reversible systems. Namely, we say that a system X — J P ( X ) is Q-reversible, Q being an involution (G2 = Id and Q ^ Id), if it is invariant under X i—> Q{X) and a reversion in the sense of time's arrow (t *-+ —t) (see 11>17-18 and references therein). It turns out that F must satisfy Q*F = —F. Commonly Q is called a reversing involution for that system and is, in general, non linear.

1. Take a local Ck solution H of equation (3). Then the function % given by formula (4) is a local (©,er)-equivariant Ck 27 solution of (3). Let F'(a:,e) = (f(x,e),e vector field + t) be the phase flow of the where V>("> e) is a symplectic vector field generated by the hamiltonian W(-,e). Put G(x) = / a ( x , 0 ) . 1, the local Ck diffeomorphism G conjugates f and n. Show that G is (9-equivariant and canonical. In fact, since G is a shift along the trajectories of the symplectic phase flow it presrves the symplectic structure.

Appl. Math. Sci. 69, Springer, New York. su Smooth hamiltonian vectorfieldswith linear symmetries and anti-symmetries are considered. We prove that provided symmetry group is compact then a smooth conjugacy in Stemberg-Chen Theorem can be chosen canonical and symmetric. Introduction The well-known Sternberg Theorem (see *) asserts that if two local smooth vector fields are formally conjugate at a hyperbolic singularity then they are smoothly conjugate. This result reduces local classification and normalization problems to the formal ones.

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