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By Gudrun Kissinger, Sergio Pizzini

Despite the gigantic wisdom gathered on silicon, germanium, and their alloys, those fabrics nonetheless call for study, eminently in view of the development of data on silicon–germanium alloys and the prospects of silicon as a substrate for high-efficiency sunlight cells and for compound semiconductors and the continuing improvement of nanodevices in accordance with nanowires and nanodots.

Silicon, Germanium, and Their Alloys: development, Defects, Impurities, and Nanocrystals covers the total spectrum of R&D actions in silicon, germanium, and their alloys, featuring the most recent achievements within the box of crystal progress, element defects, prolonged defects, and impurities of silicon and germanium nanocrystals.

World-recognized specialists are the authors of the book’s chapters, which span bulk, skinny movie, and nanostructured fabrics development and characterization difficulties, theoretical modeling, crystal defects, diffusion, and problems with key applicative worth, together with chemical etching as a illness delineation approach, the spectroscopic research of impurities, and using units as instruments for the dimension of fabrics quality.

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The plate is perpendicular to the growth axis. (Reprinted from Journal of Crystal Growth 275, I. ) 30 Silicon, Germanium, and Their Alloys Growth velocity (mm/h) 100 Single (D >15 mm) Single Poly, single –> poly Cal. 7 Growth velocity of SiGe crystals as a function of Si fraction. Solid line shows the estimated critical growth rates for a temperature gradient of 40 K/cm. Solid and open circles illustrate the successful growth of large size (larger than 15 mm in diameter) and small single crystals, respectively.

Image of the plate parallel to the growth axis. (b) and (c) show striation patterns observed in the regions S and T, respectively, in (a). Arrows labeled by i and f mean initiation and termination of cellular growth, respectively. (d) Schematic view of the occurrence of the cellular structure based on the relation between critical growth velocity for the occurrence of constitutional supercooling and alloy composition. (Reprinted from Journal of Crystal Growth 312, I. Yonenaga et al. ) seed–crystal interface and in the whole section.

Growth 312: 1572. 38. B. Gao, K. Kakimoto. 2010. Global simulation of coupled carbon and oxygen transport in a Czochralski furnace for silicon crystal growth. J. Cryst. Growth 312: 2972. 39. K. Hoshikawa, X. Huang. 2000. Oxygen transportation during Czochralski silicon crystal growth. Mater. Sci. Eng. B 72: 73. J. S. Shun, K. H. Chen, Y. Choi. 1993. A coupled implicit method for chemical nonequilibrium flows at all speeds. J. Comput. Phys. 106: 306. 41. R. C. Reid, J. M. Prausnitz, T. K. Sherwood.

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