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By David Evans

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15). Clearly we have to ask by what means other than juridical are the required control and regretted repression to be effected? As Weeks suggests, Foucault’s dematerialisation of sexuality is primarily due to his polemical purpose. It seems clear [that] at certain times some political and social regimes are more ‘repressive’ both ideologically and physically (as in the case of Nazi Germany) than others. The polemical rejection of the repression hypothesis obscures the very real formal controls that can be exercised and… implemented… (Weeks 1981b:9) Implicitly Foucault recognises the influence of Mandarin discourses as means of formal control but again these ‘experts’ and the knowledge they peddle are seemingly detached from any hierarchy of power SEXUALITY AS DISCOURSE AND SCRIPT 23 despite the fact that they are inextricably linked to the exercise of juridical power over the sexual.

If we are in pursuit of spirals of pleasure are we not most likely to realise them through purchase? If modern societies have dedicated themselves to speaking of sex ad infinitum while exploiting it as a secret, surely this exploitation has been in commodified and commercial forms? And if sexual obsessiveness is manifest in these material forms surely their realisation and the market’s exploitation of them are monitored by the juridical and citizenship interventions of the moral state? Consumerism directs our energies to the purchase of private pleasures and happiness; modern capitalism incorporates expanding ‘middle classes’ into privacy: ‘The desire for privacy has grown in recent years as a reaction to market society’ (Younger 1972: para 78).

And the lesbian (Ettore 1980). , mechanisms specific to particular historical and cultural contexts. Of course there are ‘cultural scenarios’ but where do they come from? Are they uniform and consistent or do they demonstrate conflicts in the script writing? Why are certain scripts available and not others? Why are some scripts available only to some and not to others? In whose interests are particular scripts? How do they represent and reproduce existing power relations? Are their effects universal throughout stratified and differentiated populations and if not why not?

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