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By USMC and

Each Marine is in the beginning a rifleman. MCRP 3-01A displays this ethos and the Marine Corps’ warfighting philosophy. This ebook discusses the person abilities required for powerful rifle marksmanship and standardizes the recommendations and approaches used all through the
Marine Corps. It constitutes the doctrinal foundation for all entry-level and sustainment-level rifle marksmanship training.
Chapter 1. advent to Rifle Marksmanship
1001 function of the Marine Rifleman
1002 stipulations Affecting Marksmanship in Combat
1003 strive against Mindset
Physical Preparation
Mental Preparation
Chapter 2. creation to the M16A2 provider Rifle
2001 Description
2002 Operational Controls
Selector Lever
Magazine unlock Button
Charging Handle
Bolt Catch
2003 Cycle of Operation
2004 Ammunition
M193 Ball
M855 Ball
M196 and M856 Tracer
M199 Dummy
M200 Blank
2005 Preventive Maintenance
Main team Disassembly
Magazine Disassembly
2006 functionality Check
2007 person Serviceability Inspection
2008 box Maintenance
2009 cleansing the Rifle in numerous Conditions
Hot, rainy Tropical
Hot, Dry Desert
Arctic or Low Temperature
Heavy Rain and Fording
Chapter three. guns Handling
3001 defense Rules
3002 guns Condition
3003 opting for a Weapon’s situation (Chamber Check)
3004 guns Commands
Loading the Rifle
Making the Rifle Ready
Unloading the Rifle
Unloading and displaying the Rifle Clear
3005 Filling, Stowing, and taking flight Magazines
Filling the journal with free Rounds
Filling the journal utilizing a 10-round
Stripper Clip and journal Filler
Stowing Magazines
Withdrawing Magazines
3006 Reloading the Rifle
Principles of Reloading
Condition 1 Reload
Dry Reload
3007 Remedial Action
Observe for Indicators
Audible Pop or lowered Recoil
3008 guns Carries
Tactical Carry
Alert Carry
Ready Carry
3009 guns Transports
Strong aspect Sling palms delivery (Muzzle Up)
Weak aspect Sling fingers shipping (Muzzle Down)
Cross physique Sling palms Transport
3010 moving the Rifle
Show transparent Transfer
Condition Unknown Transfer
3011 Clearing Barrel Procedures
Purpose of a Clearing Barrel
Procedures for “Load”
Procedures for “Make Ready”
Procedures for “Unload”
Procedures for “Unload and convey Clear”
Chapter four. basics of Marksmanship
4001 Aiming
Sight Alignment
Sight Picture
Importance of right Sight Alignment
Factors Affecting Sight Alignment and Sight Picture
Acquiring and keeping Sight Alignment and Sight Picture
Size and Distance to the Target
4002 Breath Control
Breath regulate in the course of Long-range or Precision hearth (Slow Fire)
Breath keep an eye on in the course of All different wrestle Situations
4003 set off Control
Trigger Finger Placement
Types of set off Control
Resetting the Trigger
4004 Follow-Through/Recovery
Chapter five. Rifle Firing Positions
5001 opting for a Firing Position
5002 forms and makes use of of the Rifle internet Sling
Hasty Sling
Loop Sling
5003 components universal to All capturing Positions
Left Hand
Rifle Butt within the Pocket of the Shoulder
Grip of the proper Hand
Right Elbow
Stock Weld
Muscular Tension/Relaxation
5004 parts of an excellent taking pictures Position
Bone Support
5005 providers Position
Assuming the providers Position
Straight Leg providers place with the Hasty Sling
Straight Leg providers place with the Loop Sling
Cocked Leg providers place with the Hasty Sling

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Sample text

Brass Obstructing the Chamber. l l To return the weapon to operation— l l l Seek cover if the tactical situation permits. Attempt to remove the magazine. Attempt to lock the bolt to the rear l l l Place the rifle in Condition 4. Move take down pin from left to right as far as it will go to allow the lower receiver to pivot. Remove the bolt carrier group. Inspect the bore for an obstruction from the chamber end. Insert a cleaning rod into the bore from the muzzle end and clear the obstruction. Reassemble the rifle.

To establish a firm grip on the rifle, position the “V” formed between the thumb and index finger on the pistol grip behind the trigger. The fingers and the thumb are placed around the pistol grip in a location that allows the trigger finger to be placed naturally on the trigger and the thumb in a position to operate the safety. Once established, the grip should be firm enough to allow manipulation of the trigger straight to the rear without disturbing the sights. See figure 4-11. Uninterrupted Trigger Control The preferred method of trigger control in a combat environment is uninterrupted trigger control.

The sling must pull from the center of the arm to be properly positioned. In this way, as tension is applied to the sling in the firing position, the loop will tighten. To adjust the sling for the proper length, loosen the sling keeper and pull up or down (toward or away) from the loop. This adjustment varies with every individual and every firing position. The loop should not be tightened excessively on the arm. If blood flow is restricted, excessive pulse beat is transmitted through the rifle sling to the rifle and causes a noticeable, rhythmic movement of the rifle sights.

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