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By Karen Bellenir, Martin E. Marty

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It is not known exactly when the Jewish calendar was developed, and biblical references to a calendar system prior to the Babylonian captivity are rare. The Old Testament mentions four Jewish months by name: Abib, the first month; Ziv, the second month; Ethanum, the seventh month; and Bul, the eighth month. Other months in the ancient Jewish calendar are not referenced in the Old Testament, but have been recorded in Phoenician inscriptions; these include the months of Marpeh, Phauloth, Mizah, Mapha, Hir, and Zebah-shishim.

The counting of months and weeks was done independently, but every 260 days (20 times 13) the cycle of months and weeks would begin anew. The Mayan and Aztec Calendars Olmec Origins The calendars developed by the Mayans and Aztecs shared many characteristics that may have derived from an earlier calendar developed by their predecessors, the Olmec people. E. E. Their calendar system was based on astronomical observances and contained different cycles that interacted to monitor the timing of both ritual and social events.

Woedmonath 3. Rhedmonath 9. Halegmonath 4. Eostromonath 10. Winterfylleth Lughnasad 5. Thrimilci 11. Blotmonath Samhain 6. Lida 12. Giuli 24 THE HISTORY OF LUNAR AND LUNISOLAR CALENDARS calendar was based on lunar cycles. It began at the winter solstice. ” The names of the sixth and seventh months were duplicated. On occasion a month called Thrilidi was added to the summer as an intercalation. Month names honored various gods. 7). Because of their northern location, Icelanders have nearly constant daylight in the summer and nearly constant darkness in the winter.

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