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By Arnold Ehret

First released in 1910, this vintage publication is taken into account Ehret's well-being masterpiece. He explains how one can effectively behavior and entire a quick so that it will achieve greatest energy and effort for cheerful residing. additionally incorporated are essays in response to Ehret's teachings through Fred Hirsch and long-time devotee Teresa Mitchell. part I
* Ehret s theories at the basic factors of ailment
*Complete directions for fasting and dwelling in concord with nature
* future health and Happiness via Fasting Fred Hirsch part II
* Your highway to Regeneration development physically energy and potency
* My highway To future health Teresa Mitchell
* inner Cleanliness Fred Hirsch
part III
* Ehret s Treatise at the sure medication of continual Constipation
* Overcoming Constipation obviously
Arnold Ehret was once a guy of certain perception, with a prophetic realizing of the way to cleanse and rebuild the physique. it should take the realm of orthodox medication eighty years to meet up with him. Gary Null, PhD

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Just compare the food tables of Dr. K├Ânig and you will find that the mucusless food, the fruit and the vegetables occupy the first place as regards their contents of necessary earthy matter, especially lime. , the circumference of the skeleton depends, for instance, mainly on the amount of lime contained in the food. The Japanese want to increase the size of their race by meat thereby from bad to worse. All the pining away of size, deformities of the bones and especially the decay of the teeth is due to lack of lime; through the boiling of milk and vegetables the lime is being eliminated.

No animal living in freedom is upholstered with fat, like so many men. The reason is only too much food and too much fluid; relaxation and clogging up of the entire system of vessels are the natural consequences. Grape-sugar of the fruits and their nutritive salts are the right sources for a firm musclesubstance, by which a body disfattened and dismucused by fasting can be quickly rebuilt. The stoutness of face and body are dangerously on the increase; it is ugly and certainly pathologic. It is a curious fact that this accumulation of fat is considered not only beautiful, but even a sign of over-abundant health, while the daily experience teaches that the slim, permanently youthful type is in every respect of a greater force of resistance and generally reaches a higher age.

Fruits, which are being digested almost without rest, secreting only mucus, paste and germless cellullose, there seems to be no reason why the tube-system of the human body should become defect, weaken, age and finally break down entirely. , food chemically changed by air-oxydation (decay), dead-boiled and robbed of its energy. Mucus accumulates especially in the heating channel (stomach and bowels) of this tube-machine, and slowly clogs up the channel and filters (glands). The sumtotal of this defilement causes chronic defects, makes grow old and is the main factor in the nature of all disease.

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