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By William Smith

This booklet explains Salesforce Analytics Cloud and offers a holistic view of alternative analytical functions and the way they healthy into the final info structure. It good points real-world use instances and demonstrates how Salesforce's Analytics Cloud solves enterprise demanding situations and brings genuine worth to the association. The Salesforce Analytics Cloud represents the rethinking of analytics for the company person. The Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based platform designed for the company consumer to have entry to analytics "on the go," delivering solutions to questions immediately on any machine. This mobile-ready power of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud ability clients can instantly collaborate and percentage insights with staff individuals correct within Salesforce. seasoned Salesforce Analytics Cloud offers actionable information on growing analytical services utilizing Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

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For now, let’s move on to examine each of the objects types in Cloud Explorer. We begin with datasets. info Chapter 2 ■ The Salesforce Analytics Cloud Explorer Datasets Datasets are the containers for data. All the data used in the Salesforce Analytics Cloud are kept in datasets. These datasets reside on a cloud-based server that operates behind the scenes to provide the data to the Cloud Explorer application. The Wave data server is key to performance; it is capable of quickly ingesting data that consists of thousands of rows—in mere minutes, as it happens.

For example, you may want to prevent users from inadvertently clicking it or from perusing the lens data. The disable attribute for the Lens button is shown in Figure 2-25. Figure 2-25. info Chapter 2 ■ The Salesforce Analytics Cloud Explorer You may have noticed the button with an “i” in Figure 2-23. You use this button to display information about the lens for a widget. Dashboard Wrap-Up With the information covered in this section, you should be able to begin creating your own dashboards. There’s more information on the dashboards in Chapter 3.

However, you can filter on text, and in some circumstances this may suit your needs. Map and Geospatial Data Wave has no means of handling geospatial data in its visual controls or widgets. If you are looking for a data discovery product with a map component that allows selection and refinement of data by clicking on a map, then you might want to consider a different data discovery product. Advanced Math and Statistical Functions Advanced math functions are not available in Wave. This capability is not featured in data discovery products in general, so if you are designing an application or workflow that needs a more complex mathematical function, like standard deviations or moving averages, you should compute these on data before loading it into Wave.

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