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However, in comparison with modern society, the early doctorate emerged in a society with very limited access to books and other textual material, and the role of the holder of the doctorate was to expound their interpretations of texts. Teaching and learning in the medieval universities was primarily oral, with written texts playing a supporting role (Kruse, 2006). Lectures in which a teacher would comment on passages from an authoritative text comprised the main form of teaching. These lectures were complemented by formal disputations in which participants would address set questions.

Users can discover a dissertation that is useful to them, even if neither the title nor the abstract gives sufficient clue to the contents. Not only is text discoverable down to the level of individual words, the user can normally navigate easily to any part of a text document, whether it is a web page, a PDF or a word-processing file. The text is addressable with a high degree of granularity. It should be noted that computer software currently does not generally determine what a text is about – this is the subject of work in semantic search and lies at the heart of proposals for the ‘semantic web’ (Shadbolt, Hall, & Berners-Lee, 2006) – but the words in a text are usually a very good clue to the concepts it discusses.

Wrolstad & D. F. ), Towards a New Understanding of Literacy (pp. 188–251). New York: Praeger. Weeks, L. (2002). You’re the Dr. The Washington Post and Times Herald, 18 March, p. C1. Wershler-Henry, D. (2005). The Iron Whim. Ithaca, NY & London: Cornell University Press. Yates, J. (1989). Control Through Communication: The Rise of System in American Management. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. indd 30 4/4/2012 3:35:11 PM 2 New Forms of Dissertation Richard Andrews and Jude England INTRODUCTION In 2008, in collaboration with Stephen Boyd Davis (Middlesex University) and Erik Borg (Coventry University) we won a grant from the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council for a seminar series entitled ‘New forms of doctorate: the influence of multimodality and e-learning on the nature and format of doctoral theses in Education and the social sciences’.

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