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By Leonard W. Levy

A background of the origins of the invoice of Rights. It deals a wide ranging view of the liberties secured by way of the 1st ten amendments to the structure - with an research of the history of the invoice of Rights that means of every provision of the amendments.

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To enable the individuals who compose [the commonwealth] to enjoy their natural rights" and whose preamble was followed by as comprehensive a "Declaration of the Rights of the Inhabitants" as existed in any state. " But Randolph's rhetoric became unpardonable when he declared that although a bill of rights made sense in England to limit the king's prerogative, "Our situation is radically different from that of the people of England. What have we to do with bills of rights? . " suggests that they had made a colossal error of judgment, which they compounded by refusing to admit it.

One was that some states had no bills of rights, others 'very defective ones," and that the states constituted a greater danger to liberty than the new national government. " He thought that "every Government should be disarmed of powers which trench upon those particular rights" of press, conscience, and jury trial. T h e amendment was all the more needed, he asserted, because some of the states did not protect these rights in their own constitutions. As for those that did, a "double security" could not reasonably be opposed.

Coke remained prodigal in his issuing of various kinds of writs that challenged the royal prerogative, including writs of habeas corpus. In 1608 in the case of Roper, who had been imprisoned by the High Commission, the King's Bench freed Roper on habeas corpus because the commission did not have authority to punish by imprisonment. " In 1612 in Chancey's case, the King's Bench issued another writ of habeas corpus releasing a High Commission prisoner who had been committed for adultery. T h e King's Bench claimed that the commission lacked authority to imprison for that offense.

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