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By J C C Nelson

This booklet, a revised and up-to-date model of the author's uncomplicated Operational Amplifiers (Butterworths 1986), allows the non-specialist to make potent use of available built-in circuit operational amplifiers for various functions, together with instrumentation, sign iteration and processing.

it really is assumed the reader has a heritage within the simple strategies of circuit research, rather using j notation for reactive circuits, with a corresponding point of mathematical skill. The underlying thought is defined with enough yet now not over the top, aspect. various computing device courses presents guidance with the mandatory calculations. The frequent availability of operational amplifiers within the type of inexpensive built-in circuits implies that this day a modular method of analog circuit layout is feasible. in lots of circumstances, a unmarried operational amplifier along side a small variety of passive elements might be all that's required for a specific functionality

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13) for RfIRi = 100 and expressing the gain in dB. At low frequencies, a closed loop gain of 40 dB is indeed obtained. At higher frequencies, the closed loop gain falls off until at the highest frequencies it coincides with the open loop characteristic. * ~i L. O lO iOO *k iOk lOOk F r e q u e n c y < Hz > tX^ 10H N Figure 2 - 3 . Closed loop gain of 100 (40 dB) superimposed on the open loop characteristic. At approximately 10 kHz, in this case, the required closed loop gain of 40 dB would intersect the open loop characteristic.

Lagging) for very high frequencies, and is - 4 5 ° at the break frequency given by co = 1/RjCj, so that

Clearly, for precise applications such 30 OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER CIRCUITS: ANALYSIS AND DESIGN as instrumentation, much less bandwidth will be available. 1%. The available bandwidth in these cases is readily determined from the 20 dB per decade roll-off of the amplifier. For 1% error, the open loop gain must be at least 100 times the required closed loop gain. This corresponds to 40 dB, or two decades, so the available bandwidth is 1/100 of the 3 dB value. Similarly, 0 . 1 % error reduces the bandwidth to 1/1000.

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