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By Jennifer McLagan

In a global of pricey best cuts—stately crown roasts, plump beef chops, and regal racks of lamb—it’s effortless to ignore (and avoid) the less expensive, yet much less lovely components of the beast—bellies, brains, cheeks, combs, gizzards, hearts, hocks, kidneys, lungs, marrow, necks, shanks, spleens, tongues, trotters, and, oh definite, testicles.

Historically, those so-called unusual bits have had a typical position on our plates and in our culinary repertoires. actually, many are thought of cuisine and in many instances seem in nearby specialties. So why will we eschew and waste precious protein? whilst have our sensibilities develop into so squeamish? In short—when did we elect offal had turn into awful?   

Jennifer McLagan, award-winning writer of Bones and Fat, is on a campaign to carry the nose-to-tail type of cooking and consuming out of the closet and again onto to our eating tables. Her challenge: restoring our recognize for the full animal, constructing a style for its lesser recognized components, and studying easy methods to procedure them within the kitchen as hopefully as we might a steak or a burger.

Serious nutrients enthusiasts will relish the sheer number of the dishes that watch for, starting from easy to challenging:
•  Headcheese for the Unconvinced
•  Veal Cheeks with Swiss Chard and Olives
•  Cheese and a bit of mind Fritters
•  Lamb Neck with Quince and Turnip
•  Brisket Braised with Caramelized Onions and Chile
•  Sweetbreads with Morels and clean Fava Beans
•  Moroccan-Style Braised Heart
•  Minted Tripe and Pea Salad
•  Wild Boar Shanks with Cranberries and Chocolate
•  Bone Marrow and Mushroom Custard
Much greater than a cookbook, Odd Bits delves into the wealthy geographical, ancient, and spiritual roles of those strange meats. McLagan’s enthusiasm for her topic is contagious, and together with her perception and humor will convert even non-believers to the excitement of wierd bits.

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Slice the ear in half lengthwise, then slice it thinly crosswise. Set the ear and tongue aside to add to the cooked head meat mixture. The boar’s head was also a usual dish of feudal splendour. In Scotland it was sometimes surrounded with little banners, displaying the colors and the achievements of the baron at whose board it was served. PINKERTON’S HISTORY OF SCOTLAND When the rest of the head is cooked, proceed as in Headcheese for the Unconvinced, adding the diced tongue and sliced ear. Cut the snout, and some of the skin into small pieces and add them too.

My conversion to brains came later, in Toronto. My husband and I were enjoying a tasting menu at our favorite restaurant, when a course with a brain fritter arrived. I wasn’t worried: it was only a garnish. I could set it aside or slip it into my serviette (after all I was experienced in spiriting away brains). But as the chef was a friend, I decided I should take the plunge and try it. All that I now remember of that whole tasting menu is just how wonderful that brain fritter was—a light crisp coating enclosing a rich, creamy center: the perfect ratio of soft filling to crunch.

My friend Ray lives a couple of hours outside of Toronto, and his neighbor raises a few heritage breed pigs. Every year Ray buys a whole pig. The pigs are sent to the local abattoir, where they are killed and broken down, but Ray doesn’t want the odd bits and is happy to give them to me (perhaps I’ll send him a copy of this book). Be creative, ask, demand, and insist. The way odd bits will return to our markets and butcher shops is if we ask for them. Guidelines for Choosing Odd Bits How an animal is raised, slaughtered, butchered, and aged all are important factors in the final quality of its odd bits.

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