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Content material:
Chapter 1 Beginnings: The Molecular Pathology of Hemoglobin (pages 1–17): David Weatherall
Chapter 2 Molecular Cytogenetics (pages 18–24): Debra M Lillington, Silvana Debernardi and Bryan D Young
Chapter three Stem Cells (pages 25–40): Eyal C Attar and David T Scadden
Chapter four The Genetics of Acute Myeloid Leukemias (pages 41–46): D Gary Gilliland
Chapter five Secondary Myelodysplasia/Acute Myelogenous Leukemia ? overview of threat (pages 47–52): D Gary Gilliland and John G Gribben
Chapter 6 Detection of minimum Residual ailment in Hematological Malignancies (pages 53–71): Drew Provan and John G Gribben
Chapter 7 power Myeloid Leukemia (pages 72–81): Brian J Druker
Chapter eight Myelodysplastic Syndromes (pages 82–89): Jaqueline Boultwood and James S Wainscoat
Chapter nine Myeloproliferative issues (pages 90–104): Anthony J Bench, George S Vassiliou, Brian J P Huntly and Anthony R Green
Chapter 10 Lymphoid Neoplasms (pages 105–114): Anthony G Letai and John G Gribben
Chapter eleven The Molecular Biology of a number of Myeloma (pages 115–124): P Leif Bergsagel
Chapter 12 The Molecular foundation of Anemia (pages 125–149): Lucio Luzzatto and Anastasios Karadimitris
Chapter thirteen The Molecular foundation of Iron Metabolism (pages 150–158): Nancy C Andrews
Chapter 14 Hemoglobinopathies as a result of Structural Mutations (pages 159–172): Ronald L Nagel
Chapter 15 Molecular Coagulation and Thrombophilia (pages 173–183): Bjorn Dahlback and Andreas Hillarp
Chapter sixteen The Molecular foundation of Hemophilia (pages 184–198): Paul L F Giangrande
Chapter 17 The Molecular foundation of Von Willebrand affliction (pages 199–209): Luciano Baronciani and Pier Mannuccio Mannucci
Chapter 18 Platelet problems (pages 210–224): Katherine A Downes and Keith R McCrae
Chapter 19 The Molecular foundation of Blood phone Alloantigens (pages 225–240): Willem H Ouwehand and Cristina Navarrete
Chapter 20 services of Blood team Antigens (pages 241–250): John R Pawloski and Marilyn J Telen
Chapter 21 Autoimmune Hematological problems (pages 251–266): Drew Provan, James B Bussel and Adrian C Newland
Chapter 22 Hematopoietic development components (pages 267–279): Graham Molineux
Chapter 23 Molecular Therapeutics in Hematology (pages 280–297): A Keith Stewart and Jeffrey A Medin
Chapter 24 Gene Expression Profiling within the research of Lymphoid Malignancies (pages 298–306): Ulf Klein and Riccardo Dalla?Favera

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Veldman T, Vignon C, Schrock E et al. (1997) Hidden chromosome abnormalities in haematological malignancies detected by multicolour spectral karyotyping. Nature Genetics, 15, 406–410. von Bergh A, Emanuel B, van Zelderen-Bhola S et al. (2000) A DNA probe combination for improved detection of MLL/11q23 breakpoints by double-color interphase-FISH in acute leukemias. Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer, 28, 14–22. Comparative genomic hybridization and array CGH Avet-Loiseau H, Andree-Ashley LE, Moore D et al.

The first is typified by amino acid substitutions in the vicinity of the heme pocket, all of which lead to a decrease in the stability of the binding of heme to globin. A second group of unstable variants results from amino acids that simply disrupt the secondary structure of the globin chains. About 75% of globin is in the form of α helix, in which proline cannot participate except as part of one of the initial three residues. At least 11 unstable hemoglobin variants have been described that result from the substitution of proline for leucine, five that are caused by an alanine-to-proline change, and three in which proline is substituted for histidine.

1997) Detection of the t(2;5)(p23;q35) and NPM–ALK fusion in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by two-color fluorescence in situ hybridization. Blood, 89, 1678–1685. Monteil M, Callanan M, Dascalescu C et al. (1996) Molecular diagnosis of t(11;14) in mantle cell lymphoma using two-colour interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization. British Journal of Haematology, 93, 656–660. Mrozek K, Heinonen K, Theil KS et al. (2002) Spectral karyotyping in patients with acute myeloid leukemia and a complex karyotype shows hidden aberrations, including recurrent overrepresentation of 21q, 11q, and 22q.

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