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By Günter Friedrichs, Adam Schaff

Via automation and miniaturisation, microelectronics has gigantic capability for thrusting society right into a new section. It gives you to revolutionise the data dealing with elements of our lives. yet to achieve greatest make the most of this step forward, microelectronics has to be harnessed to society's wishes. to assist this method a multidisciplinary team of authors has ready a report back to the membership of Rome at the most probably influence of microelectronics on our futures

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It is clear, of course, that microelectronic technologies will create jobs in those industries which will manufacture novel electronic products and above all in the integrated circuit field itself. There are 30 Microelectronics and Society also possibilities of growth in the manufacture of essentially new pro­ ducts such as electronic games, but these are not Hkely to be major employers of labour and their markets will reach saturation. Again the spread of computers will give rise to a high demand rate for program­ mers and those who produce the software; indeed here demand is outstripping supply to the extent that it may slow down the spread of use of the microcomputer.

In the absence of sohd technological infrastructures in the recipient countries, such imported processes do not easily become organically rooted, although they may, under favourable conditions, contribute to the growth of the desirable indigenous capacity. N. Conference on Science and Technology for Development and is likely to become a major ele­ ment of development activity of the next decade. This is not merely a question of establishing research institutes and programmes and of training the necessary skills, but of creating and implementing na­ tional pohcies involving governments, industry, agricuUure and the university and educational system to cover, in an integrated manner, the totality of the spectrum of research, development, production, in­ dustrial planning, skill development and marketing; without this, the developing countries will have little possibility of evolving technologies directly appropriate to their own needs and will lag behind the countries of the North, becoming ever more dependent as world technology becomes more sophisticated.

One laboratory experiment achieved a storage of one billion bits on a 15 χ 18 cm board with a transfer rate of 100,000 bits per second. Devices marketed today store and move a million bubbles within a film on a chip with an area of less than 1 square cen­ timetre. Future developments using magnetic garnet film could mukiply this capacky four or five times. The Technology 49 Competing with magnetic bubbles and charge-couple devices (CCD) which store and process binary code information in the form of packets of electrical charges, CCDs are slower, simpler and cheaper than the conventional solid state semiconductor standard memory chip.

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