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By Dogan Ibrahim

*Provides sensible advice and crucial conception making it perfect for engineers dealing with a layout problem or scholars devising a project*Includes real-world layout courses for enforcing a microcontroller-based keep watch over systems*Requires purely uncomplicated mathematical and engineering heritage because the use of microcontrollers is brought from first principlesEngineers keen on using microcontrollers in dimension and keep an eye on structures will locate this ebook an important functional advisor, offering layout rules and alertness case reports subsidized up with enough keep an eye on concept and electronics to strengthen their very own systems.It also will end up worthy for college students and experimenters looking real-world undertaking paintings related to using a microcontroller.Unlike the numerous introductory books on microcontrollers Dogan Ibrahim has used his engineering event to jot down a booklet in response to real-world applications.A simple mathematical and engineering history is thought, however the use of microcontrollers is brought from first rules.

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9. 8 LEDs are connected to Port B of a PIC 16F84 microcontroller via suitable current limiting resistors and the LEDs are arranged in a circular manner. Develop PDL statements to show how the LEDs can be turned on and off in a clockwise fashion with only one LED on at any time. 54 Microcontroller-based Temperature Monitoring and Control 10. A HD44780 type single line parallel LCD is connected to a PIC16F84 microcontroller. Write a program to count from 0 to 255 and display the output on the LCD display.

1 Write a C program to turn on and off an LED connected to bit 0 of Port B of a PIC16F84 type microcontroller. There should be a one second delay between each output. 1 The circuit diagram of this example is shown in Fig. 12. The clock is generated by using a 4 MHz crystal device. A small LED is connected to bit 0 of Port B through a 470 ohm current limiting resistor. 7k RB0 MCLR 7 RB1 B ~ 8 RB2 9 RB3 17 18 1 2 3 16F84 RA0 RB4 RA1 RB5 RA2 RB6 RA3 RB7 RA4 OSC1 VSS OSC2 10 11 12 13 5 ---1_ . Ioi 22 pF 22 pF ~ Fig.

10 Built-in functions The FED C compiler supports a large number of built-in functions. Some of the most commonly used functions are listed below: ClockDataln Used to clock in serial data at an input pin of the PIC microcontroller. ClockDataOut Used to clock out serial data at an output pin of the PIC microcontroller. ReadEEData Read the EEPROM memory data WriteEEData Write data to the EEPROM memory 36 Microcontroller-based Temperature Monitoring and Control LCD Used to write data to an LCD display connected to the microcontroller LCDString Write the supplied string to the connected LCD display cos, sin, tan Trigonometric functions log, log 10 Logarithm functions pow Returns x to the power of y-(X y) sqrt Square root function rand Random number generator Serialln Asynchronous serial data at an input of the PIC microcontroller SerialOut Asynchronous serial data output from an output port of the PIC microcontroller Additionally, there are various forms of printf functions to print numbers, characters, and strings in a format specified by the user.

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