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By Ron Lawes

MEMS items have constructed over the past two decades to develop into hugely rate aggressive really than just novel. whereas fee research for semiconductor layout and manufacture is easily demonstrated, it truly is much less so for MEMS.

This quantity seeks to teach how rate research may be tailored to MEMS, bearing in mind the big variety of approaches and gear, the most important modifications with the demonstrated semiconductor undefined, and the presence of either large-scale, product-orientated brands and small- and medium-scale foundries.

The content material examines the procedures and gear sufficiently for the reader to understand how expenses come up. applicable guides are referenced in order that such technical info should be tested intimately, outdoors the confines of price research. consultant bills are tested in enough aspect and accuracy for particular apparatus, procedures, items, or foundries to teach how monetary versions might be brought to estimate the associated fee and value for a MEMS product.

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Levinson, HJ (2011). Principles of Lithography, Third Edition. SPIE Monograph, Vol. PM198. Mack, C (2005). Fundamental Principles of Optical Lithography: The Science of Microfabrication. John Wiley. Microchemical (2010). Exposure of photoresists. eu/ technical information. Wolf, S, Tauber, RN (1986). Silicon Processing for the VLSI Era—Volume 1 Process Technology. Lattice Press. com Wolf, S, and Tauber, RN (1990). Silicon Processing for the VLSI Era—Volume 2 Process Integration. Lattice Press. , 1992) is similar to conventional semiconductor fabrication in that a series of thin films are deposited, lithographically patterned and selectively etched.

However, variation of these parameters can have a significant effect on the number of dies that can be fitted on a wafer and therefore the unit cost of a device. 10 estimates the percentage effect on the number of dies per wafer, and hence on cost, of varying the size of the exclusion zone. 11 estimates the percentage effect on cost of varying the size of the scribe lanes. The increased cost of manufacturing larger wafers is mitigated through having more die sites per wafer. 12 shows the number of die sites per wafer diameter as a function of the die area (assuming a 2 mm exclusion zone and 100 μm scribe lanes).

8), silane and oxygen at 450◦ C (Eq. 9) or dichlorosilane + nitrous oxide at 900◦ C (Eq. 10). 6), although some metals may be deposited by LPCVD, for example, tungsten at 300–500◦ C (see Eq. 11). 3 for typical materials used in MEMS fabrication. 5 Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition PECVD can be used to deposit low-tensile-stress silicon oxide for MEMS and, in some applications, polysilicon, silicon nitride and some metals (Jaeger, 2002). PECVD has the advantage over LPCVD of requiring much lower temperatures to deposit material at 300– 350◦ C, compared with 600–900◦ C for LPCVD.

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