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By J.C. Osselaer

Complement factor: Transfusion medication and Hemotherapy 2004, Vol. 31, Suppl. 1

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Studied the effect of gamma-irradiation on white blood cell-reduced single-donor apheresis platelet concentrates. No adverse effect on platelet quality was observed on the basis of CD62 surface 28 Transfus Med Hemother 2004;31(suppl 1):24–31 expression, platelet aggregability, and supernatant b-thromboglobulin [47]. Pathogen Inactivation as an Alternative to Gamma-Irradiation At present, gamma-irradiation of cellular blood components is the only acceptable method for preventing TAGvHD. However, a novel, innovative methodology for pathogen inactivation has now become commercially available in Europe [48].

Commission of the European Communities, 1992. 42 Guide to the preparation, use and quality assurance of blood components, ed 8. Council of Europe Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing, 2002. 43 Davey RJ, McCoy NC, Yu M, et al: The effect of prestorage irradiation on post-transfusion red cell survival. Transfusion 1992;32: 525–528. 44 Moroff G, George VM, Siegl M, et al: The influence of irradiation on stored platelets. Transfusion 1986;26:453–456. 45 Read EJ, Kodis C, Carter CS, et al: Viability of platelets following storage in the irradiated state.

The component adsorption bag location in the platelet agitator is registered, and an ‘agitation list’ is produced. The transfer steps are also registered. Our usage of the data management system has been streamlined while gaining practical experience of the system, and we believe that we have obtained a safe and efficient usage of the various options available. Logistics The production laboratory has been slightly enlarged and rebuilt to improve the working conditions and the production line as compared with the earlier configuration.

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