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And for a few moments, I did feel as though I had it, if that meant control over my body in a whole new way. Afterward, in the locker room, still giddy and panting with effort, I stopped her. "You're a great teacher," I said. " She flung her blonde hair out of her face and lasered in on me with those royal blues. " Inspired by her skills as a dance teacher, I knew fate had handed me an avenue back to my writing, and I gladly took it. Stephanie was the first person to teach me about the scene—the tool I just used to illustrate the essential idea of this book.

Just keep in mind that length affects pacing as you decide what kind of flow you want for your manuscript. SCENE BEGINNINGS, MIDDLES, AND ENDINGS Each scene needs to have its own beginning, middle, and end. The following three chapters will pare the scene down to these three basic sections. The beginning should be vivid and memorable, and help immediately draw your reader into the scene. Scene middles are the vast territory where the stakes must be raised, characters get caught in conflict, and consequences follow that keep your plot interesting.

Visual passages in general ground the reader concretely in the present moment. A visual description simply shows what is; it isn't trying to be, or suggest, something else. In these instances, you will use more of the senses. If there has been a lot of action in a scene—running, dancing, or fighting, say—drawing back to let the reader see something in a concrete visual way can be a very effective way to end the scene. If a fight has taken place during the scene, you might end the scene with a visual of the beaten protagonist passed out in the street, leaving the reader to wonder how badly injured he is.

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