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By Bahman Zohuri

This booklet covers the rules and practices at the back of the Magnetic Confinement Fusion (MCF) method of pushed new resource of strength. All attainable technical tools, together with good verified theoretical study, in addition to findings validated in an experimental tokamak reactor, are tested with a purpose to be certain the best way to most sensible in achieving breakeven through this pathway to plasma-driven fusion. the writer undertakes a existence cycle research to check and distinction the potency, environmental affects, and working expenditures of plasma-driven MCF fusion opposed to other kinds of power iteration at present in common use. The linked laptop code and numerical research are incorporated within the publication. No past wisdom of MCF and less than simple history in plasma physics is required.

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The Debye shielding picture that we have painted above is valid only if there are enough particles in charge cloud or sheath. Thus, it is clear that if there is only one or two particles in the sheath region, Debye shielding would not be a statistically valid concept from the viewpoint of electromagnetic physics. Using Eq. 115 in a general form, we can compute the number of ND particles in a Debye sphere as 38 1 Foundation of Electromagnetic Theory 4 N D ¼ n πλ3D ¼ 1:38 Â 106 T 3=2 =n1=2 3 T in K (Eq.

As is well known, Eq. 108 is equivalent to Coulomb’s law for the electric fields generated by point charges. 109 is equivalent to the statement that magnetic monopoles do not exist, which implies that magnetic field lines can never begin or end. 110 is equivalent to Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. Finally, Eq. 111 is equivalent to the Biot-Savart’s law for the magnetic fields generated by line currents and augmented by the induction of magnetic fields by changing electric fields. Maxwell’s equations are linear in nature.

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