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By Michael Mann

This encyclopedia explains sociological phrases, theories, options and correct names, whether or not they come from the vintage nineteenth-century traditions or from contemporary radical tendencies, from the nation-states of summary idea to problems with quick social hindrance.

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Central to his analysis are the concepts of reproduction, culture, violence, arbitrariness and pedogogy. PWM bourgeoisie [from the French bourg (town)J. (1) In origin, the merchants and leading townsmen in feudal and post-feudal Europe, distinguished from the other major CLASSES or ESTA TES of FEUDALISM (peasants, nobility, dergy). Successively extended by many writers to take in (2) the owners of capital in general, sometimes distinguishing owners of the means of production from owners of other forms of capital; (3) those who discharge the functions of capital, though not legally owners, such as managers, and more contentiously, higher ci vii servants; and (4) all non-manual employees.

Influenced heavily by the ideas of BLUMER and Everett C. Hughes, he became noted for his contributions to LABELLING THEORY through his publication Outsiders (1963), to methodology (especially PARTICIP ANT OBSERVATION), to field work studies of student cultures, and to SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISM generally. He was a professional pianist at 15 and later studied jazz musicians, and is a keen photographer: this led to his study of' Art Worlds' and the contribution of photography to sociology. KP FERTILlTY, INDUSTRIAL CONFLlCT) that the opportunity to compare attitudes and behaviour occurs.

A category is therefOfe to be contrasted with a group, defined by the nature of the relations between the members. g. Africans from different states) respond by developing a consciousness of their shared position and make themselves into a group. The distinction is also important in the analysis of attitudes towards ethnic groups, since the category that is perceived by the majority member may not be the same as the group that exists; each interacts with the other and their boundaries change (see BLACK; ETHNICITY).

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