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By Gerhard Franz

This monograph provides an up to the moment standpoint of fuel discharge physics and its purposes to numerous industries. It starts off from a entire evaluation of the differing kinds to generate plasmas by means of DC discharges, capacitive and inductive radiofrequency coupling, helicon waves together with electron cyclotron resonance, and ion beams. to check those theories with inert plasmas, a basic description of plasma diagnostics is gifted at the foundation of 4 in demand tools and prolonged to reactive plasmas.The moment half commonly offers with the interplay of those plasmas with surfaces with the intention to coat or to etch them with reactive gases. major subject matters are sputtering, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, and reactive ion etching. The problems which needed to be conquer to arrive the subsequent technological node within the semiconductor map are documented by way of an extended row of microfeatures. those procedures and corresponding microscopic mechanisms are mentioned within the ultimate element of this half. within the concluding 3rd half, a variety of primary derivations are minutely prolonged that are required for a deep knowing of the plasma processes.

In retrospect, the semiconductor has prompted the advance of recent how to excite plasmas. however it used to be now the commercial half to function those plasmas with reactive gases. due to this mixed attempt, floor differences with plasmas are actually in frequent use even in reasonably cheap functions because of its effortless and handy implantation in addition to its favorable environmental impact.

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Low pressure plasmas and microstructuring technology

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21. It was Myers who split up the total cross section σO2 ,tot into its separate parts for oxygen (Fig. 22) [58]. For energies up to approximately 50 eV, the 3 However, Gottscho and Gaede succeeded in generating and observing this anion in low-frequency discharges at 50 kHz where the electron density will completely relax during each half cycle leaving ample time for the slow electrons to generate the BCl− 3 anion [56]. Using a non-invasive method (laser photodetachment), they could detect this anion before the electrons were reheated in the next half cycle.

Electron stripping [Eq. 50)]. • Simple charge transfer [Figs. 28, Eq. 51)]. • Double charge transfer [Eq. 52)]. 1 2 10 103 ion energy [eV] 104 Fig. 23. β-ionization: cross section of ionization by ions of the parent gas after [59]. The values are not corrected by ionizations caused by secondary electrons ( c Oxford University Press). 51) A+ + B −→ A− + B2+ . 52) As we can see from Fig. 23, the threshold for ionization by ionic impact is relatively low but amounts to about twice the ionization potential.

22. The single contributions of the total cross section for electronic impact were split up by Myers for O2 [58]. ), F: excitation to upper electronic states, G: ionization. 2 Inelastic collisions between heavy particles To begin with, the literature covering the low-energy range, which is of paramount importance in glow discharges, is widely scattered, in particular when we compare this range with the countless number of papers dealing with energies exceeding 1 keV. This is mainly caused by the low cross sections for inelastic processes.

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