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By Peter Jones

, For the main half we. the haemophiliacs current at this Congress. have come from the good metropolitan centres with their complex scientific and social programmes for victims of haemophilia. We. the lucky from the haemophilia oasis. have a lot to benefit from one another. this is often vital. yet much more vital is the urgency to express your wisdom. your abilities. your event and your commitment to the haemophiliacs within the wilderness: 'We can purely start to comprehend the situation. the lifetime of a patient. through evaluating him to a soldier within the trenches of global struggle I. within the trenches the soldier seldom forgets that the subsequent second could carry dying or crippling. The haemophiliac is actually within the trenches. The soldier should be spared harm. yet discomfort awaits the haemophiliac. worry. in addition, is paramount to the ache. As within the trenches. the nervousness might be extra oppressive than the wound. ready to move excessive imposes a better pressure than the particular cost. For the warriors that survived global battle I within the trenches. four years appeared eternity; the haemophiliac by no means leaves the battlefield: beginning deal with, Frank Schnabel. international Federation of Hemophilia. Copenhagen. June twenty fifth. 1963. warfare can come to an oasis, peace can come to the trenches. With this booklet, Dr Peter Jones has joined the foreign fight. conscientiously, concisely and cogently. the textual content deals a grand process. With allies like Dr Jones we'll, sooner or later, in achieving victory. Frank Schnabel, Chairman.

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