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By Colin Price (auth.)

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If people value the existence of landscape in which there will never be human presence, they may believe in a further kind of value quite independent of human existence: just that landscape should be is enough. This is a long extension of the argument that satisfaction to animals should be considered in decision-making (which perhaps it should). However, the argument is too metaphysical to be pursued further here, and will be ignored in the remainder of the book. Not all scenes claim equal intensity of option demand from in- 28 Landscape Economics dividuals.

If the second experience of A yields only half the value of the first, then the answer to the question unintentionally establishes whether B's value is more or less than 150 per cent of A's value. The problem can be circumvented by simple game theory. The question is rephrased as,' Do I prefer certainty ( 100 per cent probability) of an experience of A; or a 50 per cent probability of an experience of BT and, in the light of the answer, the process is repeated with a 25 per cent or 75 per cent probability.

It is based on two distinctive attributes of landscape -land use and land form. The range of the former is from urbanised and industrialised, scoring minus five, to wild landscapes, scoring plus six; of the latter from lowland, scoring zero, to mountains, scoring plus eight. Bonus points are available for the presence of water. Points for each attribute are added to give a score for the landscape. The system is explicit in its definitions and reproducible in its results, so that a similar rating is given, whoever undertakes the evaluation.

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