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This decreases distance, velocity and penetration. For short distances, however (approximately 5 to 10 feet), the horizontal throw is just as effective. 26 NINJA KNIFE THROWING Horizontally Thrown Knife viewed from the side A. STRAIGHT THROW (SHORT DISTANCES) 27 NINJA KNIFE THROWING Estimating Distances A knife thrower must be able to judge distances with a good degree of precision in order to throw accurately. Such ability can only be gained from long hours of practice. Begin with established distances which are marked off.

An accurately thrown blade can sever the windpipe, one of the jugular veins, or even the spinal cord. Other lethal targets are: The eyes The temples The open mouth Of course all of these targets are difficult to hit. Contrary to accounts on television and in the movies, thrown knives to the upper torso are seldom fatal. Most people cannot throw hard enough to pierce the muscle and bone of the rib cage in order to damage the major internal organs. A fortunate throw is always possible, but should not be counted on or expected in actual combat.

Broken teeth are not serious injuries, but dental work is expensive. Observers should always stand behind the thrower and stay alert when knives are being thrown. Place a backstop and target properly in order to minimize any chance of a stray knife injuring people, pets, or property. Remember that throwing knives are not toys. They are deadly weapons. Treat them as such at all times. Keep throwing knives away from small children or irresponsible adults. Never throw a knife carelessly or in jest.

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