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By Kautilya's, R. Shamasastry

The Arthashastra is an old Indian treatise on statecraft, monetary coverage and armed forces method, written in Sanskrit. Kautilya is credited to be the writer of the Hindu textual content, and he's often referred to as Vishnugupta and Chanakya. Kautilya used to be a pupil at Takshashila, the trainer and mum or dad of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, founding father of the Mauryan Empire Composed, improved and redacted among second century BCE and third century CE the Arthashastra used to be influential till the twelfth century, whilst it disappeared. It used to be rediscovered in 1904 via R. Shamasastry, who released it in 1909

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Hence he shall consult such persons as are believed to be capable of giving decisive opinion regarding those works about which he seeks for advice. " "Not so," says Kautilya, "for this (kind of seeking for advice) is infinite and endless. He shall consult three or four ministers. Consultation with a single (minister) may not lead to any definite conclusion in cases of complicated issues. A single minister proceeds willfully and without restraint. In deliberating with two ministers, the king may be overpowered by their combined action, or imperiled by their mutual dissension.

When in the interior of the harem, the king shall see the queen only when her personal purity is vouchsafed by an old maid-servant. He shall not touch any woman (unless he is apprised of her personal purity); for hidden in the queen's chamber, his own brother slew king Bhadrasena; hiding himself under the bed of his mother, the son killed king Kárusa; mixing fried rice with poison, as though with honey, his own queen poisoned Kásirája; with an anklet painted with poison, his own queen killed Vairantya; with a gem of her zone bedaubed with poison, his own queen killed 54 Kautilya's Arthashastra Sauvíra; with a looking glass painted with poison, his own queen killed Jálútha; and with a weapon hidden under her tuft of hair, his own queen slew Vidúratha.

Change in conduct is change in attitude (ingitamanyathávrittih); and observation of physical appearance is countenance (ákritigrahanamákárah). Maintenance of the secrecy of a council-matter, and keeping 36 Kautilya's Arthashastra guard over officers that have taken part in the deliberation over it (shall be strictly observed) till the time of starting the work so considered approaches. Carelessness, intoxication, talking in sleep, love and other evil habits of councillors are the causes of the betrayal of counsels.

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