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By Reines, F.; Los Alamos National Laboratory.; United States. Dept. of Energy.; United States. Dept. of Energy. Office of Scientific and Technical Information

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18 non-breaking reflected wave acting on one side of an island. 19 (m) (KN) 3 6 12 330 x 10 3 910 x 103 3000 x 10 3 Similar vertical forces are produced by changes in buoyancy due to long waves. 20 If moorings are used to limit the vertical movement of a floating island, the tidal range becomes important. Unless the length of the mooring lines or the ballast in the island can be adjusted in phase with the mean sea level, uplift forces on the raft will vary with the state of the tide. The moorings must be taut at low tide, and thus very large forces will be introduced into the moorings by tidal change - 600 x 103 kN per metre rise for a 6 ha island.

Also as the water depth increases an increasing proportion of the mooring lines strength is needed just to lift the weight of the cable or chain off the sea bed. 25 will be limited by the size of the raft. Anchorages mayaiso need to be distributed over the seabed to avoid congestion and local concentrations of load. 26 Mooring technology is continually improving and mooring lines and anchorages are being developed for increasingly large loads. New materials are also under consideration which should increase the life of moorings.

27 The basic design concept of cellular concrete construction is simple in principle. The draught of the island is large and will cause construction problems. The main disadvantage of the floating island is that its natural period is of the same order as the high energy waves in the design storm. To restrict the motion of the island" moorings capable of taking very large forces are required. We do not consider the unprotected floating raft type nuclear island is feasible. 28 Concrete structures have been selected in preference to steel for the reasons given in Section 5.

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