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Previously they had been killed in frequent battles, but now they were crushed and annihilated by many misfortunes. Athanagild, however, died at Toledo by a natural death, and after his death the kingdom lacked a ruler for five months. 48. In the era 605 (567), the second year of Justin II's rule, after Athanagild, Liwa was made king of the Goths 22 at Narbonne, and his reign lasted three years. In the second year after obtaining kingship he appointed his brother Leovigild not only successor to but also sharer of his kingdom, and placed him over the administration of Spain, while he himself was content with the kingdom of Gaul.

He left a young son Reccared, who was ruler for a few days after his father's decease until death came upon him. 62. In the era 659 (621), the tenth year of Heraclius' rule, the most glorious Suinthila by divine favor took up the scepters of royal power. Under King Sisebut he had obtained the post of general, conquered some Roman forts, and defeated the Ruccones. But after he had ascended 28 to the summit of royal dignity, he joined battle and took the remaining cities which Roman troops held in Spain, and with wondrous good fortune won increased glory for his triumph in comparison with the other kings.

For him the ruler of heaven and of mankind must be besought that, just as by his father's consent he is his partner, so, after a long reign of his father he may also be most worthy of succession to the kingship. Thus, after reckoning the times of the kings of the Goths from the beginning of King Athanaric's reign to the fifth year of that of the most glorious ruler Suinthila, it is found that the reign of the Goths with God's favor has lasted for 256 years. SUMMARY 66. The Goths are descended from Magog, the son of Japhet, and ape shown to have sprung from the same origin as the Scythians, from whom they do not differ greatly in name.

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