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By Peter Pichler

Basically all homes of semiconductor units are inspired via the distribution of element defects of their lively components. This ebook comprises the 1st complete evaluate of the homes of intrinsic aspect defects, acceptor and donor impurities, isovalent atoms, chalcogens, and halogens in silicon, in addition to in their complexes. unique emphasis is put on compiling the constructions, lively houses, pointed out electric degrees and spectroscopic signatures, and the diffusion habit from experimental and theoretical investigations. moreover, the publication discusses the elemental suggestions of silicon and its defects, the electron procedure, diffusion, thermodynamics, and response kinetics which shape the medical foundation wanted for an intensive realizing of the textual content. hence, the publication is ready to offer an advent to newbies during this box as much as a entire reference for specialists in method expertise, solid-state physics, and simulation of semiconductor processes.

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30 CHAPTER 1. FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS The second technically important case is when the initial distribution of atoms at t=O can be represented by a delta function at the surface (x=O), and when the flux of atoms through the surface is inhibited . 50) · exp - - 4·D ·t is a Gaussian distribution which depends on the amount of material No in the simulation area and the product of diffusion coefficient and time. 23. tend » o (t=O ) is sufficiently larger than that of the initial profile. Since the amount of material does not change with time, the surface concentration in such a system varies with time as Cx=o = 4.

I' . L +Lll-' I - 2. k . 74) atoms per unit time and area jump from sites at position x + tu to sites at position x. r · tu2 . k . 75) =L / Sx lead s to Cx+Ax-Cx tu I . r . Cx +Cx+Ax F 2 . T . 76) Distances between planes are usually small compared to the distances in whic h the concentration s change considerably. 76 ) can then be replaced by the local concentration C, and the difference in concentration can be replaced by the respective derivative.

26) where Qint represents the charges at the boundary and ii the direction perpendicular to the interface. 26) reduces to a Neumann boundary condition for the electrostatic potential. Pinning of the Fermi level by dangling bonds, on the other hand, was suggested by lung et al. 34] to play an important role for post-implantation annealing processes. 2. THE ELECTRON SYSTEM It has been shown in various publications (e. g. 38]) that the second derivative of the electrostatic potential with respect to space can be neglected for most applications.

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