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By Scott Isaacs

The fundamental source for the subsequent iteration of interactive internet improvement, this identify features a CD-ROM filled with pattern scripts and the Microsoft web Explorer 4.0 software program improvement equipment. Readers gets intriguing functionality earnings as they discover the super new services for making web content information acutely aware and extra simply manipulated.

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VBScript, on the other hand, does not bind events until the entire page is parsed, all external scripts are downloaded, and embedded objects have begun loading. For JavaScript, this means that events can start firing in response to user or other actions before the page is entirely downloaded. Therefore, you should take care that your event handlers don't try to access any elements that might not have downloaded yet. You can write code that first checks for the presence of the element or, more generically, simply checks whether the entire page is parsed.

In this chapter, you'll be introduced to techniques for handling events. The chapter concludes by demonstrating an application that combines the built-in support features of Dynamic HTML with the power of JavaScript function pointers to create a customized event binding mechanism. The following topics are covered in this chapter: • General event model Dynamic HTML provides a powerful event model that is closely related to the document's underlying structure. By understanding and taking advantage of this model, you can write efficient, maintainable code.

All properties of the current element 2. All elements exposed for the name space—for example, in a form, the controls on the form 3. The properties of the element containing the name space—for example, the form's properties for elements within the form 4. The properties on the document Shared Event Handlers JavaScript supports the creation of a shared event handler. In JavaScript, any elements that share the same name can also share the same event handlers by using the Script element's FOR and EVENT attributes syntax: