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Les collègues du prince sous Auguste et Tibère: de la légalité républicaine à la légitimité dynastique

Los angeles restauration par Auguste de l. a. collégialité à los angeles tête de l'État ne constitue pas le moindre des paradoxes d un régime qui reposait par ailleurs sur le charisme du pnnceps. Il y avait là une expérience de gouvernement qui avait une originalité et qui mérite une étude d ensemble. l. a. permanence au début de l'Empire de l. a. proposal de collega est un phénomène bien attesté qui justifie l'attention portée à l'analyse des pouvoirs exercés dans un cadre collégial; ce qu'il est d'usage de désigner par l. a. «co-régence » n'est donc pas une fiction juridique et s'apparente à une réalité du droit public.

Roman Republican coin hoards

Sorry, very negative test, the plates are essentially misplaced.

Cadet Gray: A Pictorial History of Life at West Point as Seen Through its Uniforms

It is a large heritage of the U. S. Armys cadet corps and academy with many interval illustrations, smooth pictures, and masses fabric on uniforms, drawing seriously at the West element Museum Collections. the USA army Academy was once verified in 1802 at West aspect, ny, at the Hudson River.

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A. Millikan and his employees at California Institute of Technology. It is necessary to relate that Prof. Millikan was skeptical about the conclusion of V. Hess and W. Kolhörster about an extraterrestrial origin of high-altitude radiation, and decided to check the experimental results of V. Hess and W. Kolhörster to see how correct they were. Let us outline that V. Hess and W. Kolhörster were compelled to accompany devices on balloons during flight to write down their indications, but Millikan and Bowen (1923) in the spring of 1922 adapted meteorological balloons for the raising of devices.

De. 4. R. WILSON (1900-1901) AND THOUGHTS ON A POSSIBLE EXTRATERRESTRIAL ORIGIN OF AIR IONIZATION SOURCES Also in 1900, independent of J. Elster and H. Geitel, the unknown source of ions in air was found by Wilson (1900) while conducting research at Cavendish laboratory in Cambridge. R. Wilson was a magnificent experimenter, who worked very carefully and built himself most of the parts of the devices necessary for research. After having become interested in natural conductivity of air, he first offered a method of measuring the number of the ions formed in 1 cm3 of air in 1 c.

Scheme of Kolhörster‘s (1913a) apparatus for measuring air ionization rate. From I. Dorman (M1981). 5 l. In the centre of the device, on a special framework, the most thin quartz silvered threads were placed. For the elimination of any influence of temperature on instrument readings, Kolhörster used as holders of threads quartz handles serving as good insulators. After charging the threads, the size of their divergence was defined with the help of a microscope at the top cover of the device. Air that was in the chamber was preliminarily carefully dried, and besides, in the bottom of the device there was a dehumidifier.

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