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There are two shrub roses that make central features of two quarters of this garden. I have underplanted them with bronze and green fennel and French tarragon. In summer the herbs grow tall, hiding the bare, thorny stems of the roses. Under and up to the stone seat a downy and fragrant path of creeping thyme and chamomile releases its heady scents as I walk along it. Twining through the wild plum arch, jasmine perfumes the air around me as I pause to admire the shape, leaf texture and flowers of the herbs in this informal herb and vegetable garden.

Allow some plants to produce seed and self sow. Sow several times a year to ensure a good supply of flavoursome fresh leaves species and varieties Petroselinum crispum ‘Neapolitanum’, also called French or Italian parsley, has flat leaves and a strong flavour. c. ‘Tuberosum’ or Hamburg parsley has good leaf flavour but is grown mainly for its roots harvest Pick leaves all through the year as they are needed, but they are at their peak in summer of the first year. Best used fresh or frozen. Freeze chopped into water in ice-cube trays or whole, sealed in freezer bags.

Now is the time to get to know the plants on paper; discover what conditions suit them best and check that you have the right soil and site for them. Then decide on the shape of the herb garden and the range of plants you want to grow. NOTE Before making a formal plan, ask yourself the following questions about your garden. Is the soil a heavy clay? Is it a light, infertile sandy soil? Is the garden sheltered from wind? Is it shady or sunny? Herbs are adaptable plants that will grow in most conditions, extremes of cold, drought and moisture excluded.

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