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  • April 20, 2017
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By Wendy Hutton, Alberto Cassio

Introduces over forty diversified end result quite often present in Asia with 9 interesting Asian fruit recipes included.

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Beat the chilled cream or evaporated milk until stiff, then fold it into the fruit. Chill before serving. Fruit Mousse This is a good way to use very ripe soft fruits, mixing them with beaten egg white, gelatine and cream for a light dessert. Soursop is perhaps the best fruit of all to use for this, although banana, custard apple, avocado, mango, persimmon, durian or papaya could also be made into a mousse. Consider also mixing a couple of fruits together. 1 ½ cups fruit pulp � cup sugar, or more to taste lime or lemon juice to taste 3 teaspoons gelatine � cup warm water 1 cup cream, beaten 2 egg whites, stiffly beaten Stir the pulp and sugar together to dissolve and add lime or lemon juice to taste.

Mangosteen Garcinia mangostana Botanical Family: Guttiferae Thai name: Mangkut Malay name: Manggis Indonesian name: Manggis Tagalog name: Manggis Like the famous durian (see page 14), the mangosteen is a Southeast Asian native and bears fruit at the same time. The thick woody shell of the purplish-black mangosteen encloses several segments of the most exquisite juicy white flesh, sweet yet slightly acid. It is considered a perfect balance to the rich "heatiness" of the durian. Unfortunately for lovers of fine fruit, the mangosteen is notoriously difficult to grow.

The rough dark green skin of the kaffir lime (C. hystrix) gives it a rather unattractive appearance, and the flesh inside is bitter and yields almost no juice at all. The secret of this fruit is the intense fragrance of its rind, which is often grated and added to cooked dishes, and its distinctive double leaf, used to add flavour to many Indonesian, Thai and Malay dishes. The Philippines is the original home of the kalamansi (C mitis var. microcarpd) or musk lime. This excellent lime is increasingly known abroad (often as calamansi) as it grows easily in any area where citrus fruits flourish.

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