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By Massad Ayoob

In this assortment, excerpted from the Gun Digest booklet of hid Carry, Massad Ayoob covers cloth wardrobe offerings for CCW, the price of IDPA fit education and phrases of recommendation that will help you continue to exist.

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It was good to see. It shows me that, then and now, IDPA is about Defensive Shooting more than it’s about Defensive Shooting. Shooting on the move is a staple of IDPA, demonstrated here by gunwriter and competitive shooter Chris Christian with S&W M&P at Florida State Championships. Real World Factors The timer is digitally ticking away the seconds. A bunch of people are watching you. Is there stress? Oh, yeah! Not necessarily the full-blown fight or flight response that occurs in the true near death experience of the kind you carry a gun to ward off, but yes, there can be big-time stress.

Mass murders take place at good schools, upscale malls, and family restaurants in nice neighborhoods. The only way to make sure the gun will always be there when you need it is to always carry it. us and commit to getting all the permits you can. The more places you can legally carry, the safer you’ll be. Be prepared, in your heart and mind, to use deadly force if necessary. It’s a long search of the soul, but a critically important one. If you don’t know for certain that you can kill a violent attacker if you have to, you’re likely to hesitate at the worst possible time, and he’ll kill you and yours instead.

Gun oil can drain out from the muzzle end and stain the garment. Black shows it less. Today’s holsters may not “bleed” (the good ones, anyway), but they can still seep gun oil. A big concern is the skeletal Yaqui Slide design. If you’ve been shooting, each time the gun goes into the holster, carbon on the barrel or slide can transfer onto the trouser fabric. Since that stuff is black, it’ll show up less on black pants. If you might be wearing an ankle holster, you want straight leg cuffs at the very least, and no tapered leg or pegged bottom styles.

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