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Whilst you can overfeed your worms you cannot give them too much bedding. It is important that your worms have enough room to wiggle around and hide from the light. Remember these worms live in the top few inches of soil and you are trying to simulate this environment in your worm bin. There is always more food that bedding in the worm bin and over time as the worms consume the bedding you will need to replace it with fresh bedding. You want to add six to eight inches of bedding so there is plenty of room for your worms and then you add the food.

Keep removing the top layer, waiting ten or fifteen minutes then removing another layer and the worms will keep retreating down to the bottom of the piles. When you get down to the very bottom of the pile you can put that back into your worm bin to start off the next batch of compost. Your worm castings are one of the best sources of nutrients for plants that you can get. Whether you use the castings or the tea you will find your plants thrive when they are given this. Try to buy worm castings from a shop and you will realize just how expensive they are!

If you don’t want a second worm bin then you can always give the excess worms away to someone you know who wants to start their own worm bin. Alternatively you can sell your excess worms either to a worm farmer or as fishing bait. You will need sufficient worms to make it worthwhile otherwise you aren’t going to make any money but if you fish yourself then you can grab a handful of fresh worms whenever you go and keep the worm population under control. You will be regularly checking your worm population when you add food and harvest the castings and when you notice the worm population is too high then you need to cull the population.

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